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Man killed in dispute over line at Michigan haunted house

Man killed in dispute over line at Michigan haunted house

A man has been killed in a dispute over cutting in line outside a popular haunted house in southeastern Michigan. Investigators were looking for a suspect after the early Sunday shooting. The victim was a 29-year-old man from Detroit. The suspect thought the victim had cut in line ahead of him, which triggered an altercation. Both men then went to their vehicles and shots were heard.

Seekster 3 weeks

They say his ghost is still waiting in line.

Janitor Jez
Janitor Jez 3 weeks

Now that he is dead, will the haunted house give him a job?

Beef Testosterone
Beef Testosterone 3 weeks

This story is why the crying laughing emoji exists. I don’t really know what to feel.

TheOtherBiden 3 weeks

Well, the killer wanted a fake haunted house, but now maybe he will have a real one.

Andrew B
Andrew B 3 weeks

This is a very confusing story... are we regressing back to honor dueling? Hopefully they can find the assailant.

Adi 3 weeks

So all these people are lining up to get crammed into a house during covid?

Aging Old Boomer
Aging Old Boomer 3 weeks

These articles are contradicting a little bit. Two of them say that the altercation took place in MICHIGAN whereas the Fox News article says it took place in NORTH CAROLINA. Did two different haunted house altercations occur instead of one or is one of these stories made up? Be fucking consistent when posting sources around one story, people.

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