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G7 agrees ’historic’ global minimum corporate tax rate

G7 agrees ’historic’ global minimum corporate tax rate

Finance ministers from the G7 nations pledged to commit to a minimum global level of corporate tax of at least 15%. The move aims to get MNCs to pay more into govt. coffers hit by the pandemic. ’I am delighted to announce that today after years of discussion G7 finance ministers have reached a historic agreement to reform the global tax system,’ said British Finance Minister Rishi Sunak.

GB Oz 2 weeks

Oh finally, the American big tech companies will now be unable to shop around to do some crafty and deceptive practices to lower their tax bill due.


The axe will eventually have to fall on the general public to pay for this insanity. This is just a 'nice' new tax that the public can support. The the shrunken tax base and lost revenue of these governments will still have to result in some sort of austerity, and probably high inflation too, which can be worse.

Glen 2 weeks

Bidens tax man is going to come a knocking and we all know whose going to pay for this President's massive spending.

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