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Drugs worth $10 million seized at Texas port of entry

Drugs worth $10 million seized at Texas port of entry

Over $ 10 million worth of methamphetamine, marijuana, and cocaine has been seized by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers in Laredo, Texas. The search was spread over a two-day period in four smuggling incidents. Officers who were assigned to the World Trade Bridge observed a Ford F-150 reportedly hauling a fifth wheel boom approaching for inspection which aroused their suspicion.

Jon 3 weeks

This was always how massive amounts of drugs enter this country but Trump pushes the fake narrative about needing a pointless mutli billion dollar wall. 🤦

Lev 3 weeks

Are you saying that they actually trying to bring in drugs by the millions and they're not going through the Trump wall? They're actually trying to drive it across a regular border control terminal. that's shocking, scary, unbelievable, does Trump know this or is he continuing to bs people about WE'RE BUILDING THAT WALL. Thank you for not voting for Trump, who paid less in taxes through the past decade, than you-yes you the wing nut reading this!

Seekster 3 weeks

Good. Keep that poison off the street.

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