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Woman charged with sending ricin letter to Trump to remain in US custody

Woman charged with sending ricin letter to Trump to remain in US custody

A US federal judge declared Pascale Ferrier, the Canadian woman arrested on suspicion of mailing ricin-filled letters to President Trump, ’a continuing danger’ to Trump, ordering her detention and transfer to Washington, DC. The judge ruled Ferrier, 53, was a flight risk and had showed an inclination to harm Trump and others if released. Ferrier was arrested on Sep 20 on the Canada-US border.

Karl S
Karl S 0 months

Looks like the typical crazy left female/male (or whatever else he/she identifies as).

Deet 0 months

She has the look of a social justice warrior

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 0 months

Are they using the correct pronoun? That looks like a 'zer' if ever there was one.

Benzion Menashe
Benzion Menashe 0 months

Didn't know they found the culprit...looks psycho AF...

hugh 0 months

She looks exactly how I would have guessed

William 0 months

Let me guess she's leaning towards the Left? Seriously wtf..... and how can anyone in their right frame of mind support their narrative/agenda.

Candace 0 months

Why is everyone commenting on the appearance of this individual instead of the terrifying crime of which they were accused??? This is the lowest form of humor and it doesn't say much for the posters. She put a LOT of lives in danger. There could have been hundreds or thousands exposed if one tiny puncture had happened. This is serious, folks. Regardless of your political leaning. She put a lot of US and Canadian citizens in potential peril!

Kurt 0 months

Well, and if Democrats were anything like Republicans, they would put this person up on a pedestal and create gofundme fundraisers for her.

Jeremy 0 months

I don't why anyone is turning this political soley based on her looks. Tells you a lot about the vapidness that conservatives seem to view the world with. This app is horrifying circle jerk of right wingers who's entirely political identity is hating on idpol and calling anything that's slightly to the left of Democrat/ Neoliberal socialist. Then they fellate eachother despite a lot of their takes lacking substance.

Mocking Moniker
Mocking Moniker 0 months

Send it back.

yuckycrumpet 0 months

Good. She obviously needs re-educating.

Burger 0 months

Her first name is the same as trump’s former campaign manager’s last name, and he is also making headlines. The universe works in mysterious ways.

IvoryDove 0 months

"Woman"? This looks like she should be "identifying" as a man. California would definitely put her/him in a men's prison

Jeremy 0 months

The crazy person doesn't have to have any political ideology. Maybe she's just crazy. Idunno.

Max Bants
Max Bants 0 months

This is the person calling you "far-right".

WWG1WGA 0 months

Bring back public hangings.

Mick 0 months

She's got a bad case of crazy eye.

Sirax 0 months

Never seen a more plastic looking face. Almost like it came out of Borderlands game

Julian 0 months


Jason 0 months

Mmmmm she’s not the type I would have ever expected to do that.

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