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No new revelations into Trump’s alleged interference into Russia Investigation

No new revelations into Trump’s alleged interference into Russia Investigation

Don McGahn, the former White House counsel, answered detailed questions from Congress behind closed doors on Friday about President Trump’s alleged efforts to impede the Russia investigation. But Mr. McGahn provided no new revelations, according to people familiar with his testimony. The top Republican on the committee, Jim Jordan, criticized the hearing as ’re-litigating the Mueller report.’

Runaway 1 weeks

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't having sworn, under oath, first hand, not heresay, account of Trump asking for Mueller to be fired kind of a biggie...?

Daniel 1 weeks

Relitigating, the Mueller report? McGhan refused to testify when he should have the first time. Trump still needs to be prosecuted for obstruction of justice. Garland is a paper tiger, however, so he will likely do nothing. Trump is already preparing his base for another insurrection. Biden will do nothing about it, even though he takes an oath to support the Constitution. Trump has taken a symbolic oath to defend a coup if he takes over.

Rocky 1 weeks

People are still on this nonsense? What did they think was going to come of this? The entire Mueller investigation was known to be a massive waste of time. Why would anyone think there was anything there when years of investigations showed nothing criminal in the slightest. Can we please stop wasting our taxes on political witch hunts!

Patrick 1 weeks

Oh heck, can't we just use the FBI again to wire tap him and get evidence that way? hahahaha.

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