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GOP Rep. Brady calls for probe into legality of release of Trump’s tax return

GOP Rep. Brady calls for probe into legality of release of Trump’s tax return

Rep. Kevin Brady of Texas, who is also the top Republican on the House Ways and Means Committee, has called for an investigation into the source of the tax return information of President Donald Trump to The New York Times. Rep. Brady came down heavily on what he described was a potentially ’criminal leak’ of the President’s private tax information.

Tom A
Tom A
porcus 4 weeks

lol, pretty sure it is illegal to release government records of sensitive documents. I am hopeful Trump sues the NYT into the stone age.

Forsaken 4 weeks

Oh, its real? Trump said it was fake. who do I believe?

Jon 4 weeks

This is hilarious. Was just arguing with a Trump supporter who said "they can have his tax returns anytime they want" ... if that was true why would they have to prove it for illegal release? TRUMP GOT OWNED.

Doug 4 weeks

Typical holier-than-thou GOP response to apparent lawbreaking, if not criminal behavior: attack whistleblower

Custodio 4 weeks

It astounds me how some so called, Patriots, are perfectly willing to allow trump to escape liability for lying to the USA & the World about his financial Genius at making $$$. He lied his way into the Presidency. Our National Debt is at $27 trillion & Our GDP is at $19 trillion. In less than 4 yrs due to his incompetence We owe more than We have coming in. If this occurred under a Democratic President Repubs would be demanding their execution. For this reason I honestly believe Repubs (not all) could care less about Patriotism & Religion as subjects worthy of sincerity, devotion, & understanding, but rather as Shields to hide behind & lend legitimacy to their Bigotry & Hatred for non-Caucasians & Women. That doesn’t hold water under Our Constitution & as such, not under my Watch either. Do onto others as you would like them to do onto you... Remember these words. They are words to live by!

David 4 weeks

The orange ape can clear this up quite simply. Release his tax returns. Additionally, if it's "totally fake news", then why sue anybody?

Dawg 4 weeks

It's funny all the outrage when Lindsey Graham, this year, was calling for his opponent to release his tax returns. By Lindsey's own admission "the people " need to know if their representatives pose a risk to national security and all government employees are subject to background checks.

Doug 4 weeks

Talk. Talk. Talk. Yet I don't see anyone, except a former government lawyer, getting convicted of anything.

Inna Pinch
Inna Pinch 4 weeks

I'm torn on this one. I don't support how the press has been using their voice, but I support their structural integrity. If I'm in favor of Julian Assange releasing information given to him, as well as his right to withhold his sources... As much as I hate the constant barrage of attacks on Trump and everything the NYT has become, if I'm to be consistent in my values I have to (gulp) support the NYT. This one time.

David 3 weeks

Wait, I thought Trump said that it was fake? How could it be illegal to obtain these documents if they’re not real? Either they’re real and Trump is a complete flimflam man, or they’re fake and there’s been no crime. Can’t have it both ways!

Charles 4 weeks

Why does the GOO spend so much effort in finding whistleblowers? Perhaps it’s because they do too many things people feel a need to report. Quit breaking so many laws and you won’t have to spend so much time snooping out the sources. You never quote your sources anyway. At least that is what lots of people tell me. Many good people tell me that.

J 4 weeks

More like good Samaritan.

J 4 weeks

Criminal leak of incriminating facts.

Seekster 4 weeks

Yup thought so. The NYT probably just broke Federal law.

Aaron 4 weeks

Killary’s emails trumps tax returns lock him the fucc up

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