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NYC Mayor de Blasio says he will impose fines on people for not wearing masks

NYC Mayor de Blasio says he will impose fines on people for not wearing masks

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said he would start fining people in the city if they were found to be in a public place without wearing a mask. He said it was necessary as the rate of Covid-19 cases had climbed above 3% in the city for the first time in months. In some hotspots the Covid-19 infection rate was 17%. ’We don’t want to fine people, but if we have to, we will.’

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 2 weeks

Question for the room: How does an “outreach worker” have the same police powers to issue a fine that police do? They are not trained in law enforcement (which this is) and are not sworn personal of the court? WHERE THE F IS THE ACLU?

Marcus 2 weeks

He lets the looters destroy the city ,with no social distancing....when they are arrested,they are let loose to repeat....but is going to arrest and fine hard working taxpayers for not wearing a mask....Please wake up NYC,before this dude sacrifices you for political wonder so many are leaving this once wonderful city...... Just drive downtown and take a look for yourself.....he can't even raise his own children,and you trust him with yours?

J 2 weeks

This is a legal losser and a waste of taxpayers money. Btw, this exact me...was removed an hour ago.

Come on Man!!
Come on Man!! 2 weeks

I work in the city and it’s a ghost town. Midtown and tourist areas are mostly homeless sleeping on the streets. Uptown is still pretty busy but not like it used to be. I actually found a parking spot the other day. 100% DeBlasios fault. He’s the real virus.

Robert_Clearwater 2 weeks

The newest reporting from the Neighborhood and Borough Commission (NABCO) finally arrived today! Your neighborhood has been found to be in violation of several ordinances concerning noise, proximity, and poor citizenship. Occupants of residentially zoned buildings on Washington Avenue will remain indoors for a period of 72 hours. Use this time to contemplate your actions and the consequences the community must suffer, and please report any errant thinking to your local Committee on Virtue and Morality (COMVAM).

Antifa are terrorists
Antifa are terrorists 2 weeks

Nobody should be surprised by deBlasio's unconstitutional authoritarianism at this point. He's the same Dickpotato who declared 6 years ago that You have no right to buy a large soda because He hates sugar. He should have been dragged out of his office and tar & feathered back then.

Dan 2 weeks

When you thought the drug war was bad now it gets even worse. A mask war on masks that dont even work on a virus that barely kills. All these governors should be fined or locked up for not abiding by the constitution and bill of rights and abiding by an outside force called the UN.

J 2 weeks

The fines are legal losers, and ultimately a waste of taxpayers money.

Miranda 2 weeks

Weird to say I for the most part agree with him for once, however I am worried that it could be used to target homeless people

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 2 weeks

Geez, can NYC withstand one more year of DeBlasio?!

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 2 weeks

Oh, but it's Trump that's the 'dictator'.

BlueGrover 2 weeks

He had a run in during the spring with the Ortho Jews who were having 500+ people weddings in their neighborhoods. It didn’t go well for him then and zom sure it won’t this time. People who hope for NYC to crash and burn... to make a point, are making one but it’s about their own mentality.

Josh 2 weeks


Ty 2 weeks

Outrageous!!! We shouldn’t be fining people for masks!!!! We shouldn’t be fining people for speeding either. AMERICA!!!!

SomeGuyWhoDoesThings 2 weeks

New York is becoming Detroit Mk2, they’re gonna scare away all business and funding and the city is gonna collapse in on itself.

Foy 2 weeks

I hope he does as it will inevitably lead to his downfall.

John W
John W 2 weeks

Unless you are at a BLM riot then get do whatever you want.

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