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UK, Canada impose sanctions on Belarus leader Lukashenko over ’rigged’ election

UK, Canada impose sanctions on Belarus leader Lukashenko over ’rigged’ election

The United Kingdom and Canada have imposed sanctions on Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko as opposition protests continue to paralyze the country. The opposition allege that Lukashenko, who enjoys Russia’s support, rigged the election in his favor to extend his 26-year-old rule. The UK and Canada said Lukashenko’s government is violating human rights in its crackdown on protesters.

Doug 4 weeks

Sanction Belarus for a rigged vote but let China slide for forced organ harvesting, concentration camps, and knowingly allow a disease to become a pandemic?

Abul 4 weeks

Many prominent members of a council formed with the aim of arranging a transfer of power in Belarus have been arrested or have fled the country. The protests have persisted despite daily arrests of demonstrators, including 500 people during rallies last weekend.

William 4 weeks

Ok... this is a great example of bogus news, I understand that it may be factual that the election was rigged, but wtf.... governments including our own apparently are putting sanctions on a country without any evidence???... I'm sorry but I believe in innocent until proven guilty, the man has been in power for over 2 decades,he obviously has some serious support...No proof of election fraud? Just speculation....???? Sounds like a opening for our next election...oh wait the guy in michigan with hundreds of ballots on his dashboard..... facepalm 🧐😣😤😠🤬

Lev 4 weeks

@ Timothy, I really don't understand why in the title you have the word RIGGED in quotes, that makes no sense, what do the quotes around the word "rigged" mean from your point of view? It's not really in dispute that LUKASHENKO fixed the election for his benefit. And I swear if one of you mentions the words "Innocent Until Proven Guilty" I will lose it!

Beef Testosterone
Beef Testosterone 4 weeks

I have a joke but it only works in Finnish.

Mike Clark
Mike Clark 4 weeks

Very brave to keep protesting under such conditions.

Ryan Keller
Ryan Keller 4 weeks

Yet Trudeau still ignores the atrocious committed by the CCP in China. 🙄

IvoryDove 4 weeks

Did they do "mail in voting" where they sent ballots to homes that the voters had moved away years ago? That's coming to the USA soon.

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