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Jeff 3 weeks

Looks like the system failed this kid really really bad. Who's family owned business should be sacrificed to bring attention to her? [Expand] Hmmm she didn't have any part in her own demise so I guess we can all glance over this one. Poor thing, these are instances we should be fighting against, bringing to light child neglect. Could you imagine the good that would come to our society if this global platform blm had was harnessed to help children or to bring true hope to those abused, neglected and rejected. In a single generation we would would cut crime, drug abuse, homelessness, mental illness and so on so drastically we could usher in a new age of prosperity and exceptionalism. But no, the world stage and massive funding and the social consciousness was directed towards a single skin color, a specific group who had around 1 person possibly wrongfully die in police custody which had nothing to do with race. I hope we can look back on this some day and realize what greatness and togetherness we missed out on.

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