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Tim 3 weeks

@jim, first even though the family was also charged they won't be prosecuted either. And second you honestly think that this one simple misstep and Justice makes up for the past fifty plus years? Let's not even go back to the slavery days Jim Crow days laws written to prosecute poor black people, changing of gun laws so after Americans can't have guns let's forget about all that and just look at the facts bro. Take the hood off and sit down and let's have a conversation

Marinewife0317 3 weeks

Go figure the 9 activists, not protestors, would not be prosecuted. Trespassing and destruction of property are prosecutable crimes.. Because of the good-for-nothing Dad's office, those activists will continue with their unruly behaviors

Seekster 3 weeks

They should drop the charges on the couple too then.

Jim 3 weeks

And BLM is arguing for equality in the justice system huh ? Don’t think so

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