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In Canada, taunting of dying indigenous woman triggers outrage

In Canada, taunting of dying indigenous woman triggers outrage

A video showing nurses in a Canada hospital taunting a dying indigenous woman has kicked an outcry and renewed calls to tackle racism. In the video livestreamed by Joyce Echaquan – a 37-year-old Atikamekw, who complained of a stomach pain, a nurse is heard saying: ’Are you done acting stupid?’ Another nurse then said: ’She’s good at having sex more than anything else.’ Echaquan died soon after.

Mike 3 weeks

This is awful, but I don’t seem to see anything overtly racist about this. Is there something not being showed where they mention her race, or is it just because she is native? Seems to just be conflating being a damn jerk than being a racist.

Robo 3 weeks

??? They're pieces of human trash but they never mentioned race. These articles are psychotic.

Stage 5 TDS
Stage 5 TDS 3 weeks

I wanted to know more about this story so I did some snooping. This whole story isn't racist at all bit kind of sad. So here is what I found out (this may not be true but what I read); she is an alcoholic with 7 children and she drank paint thinners and the nurses where scolding her for making bad decisions, that she is going around having sex and having children and not thinking about them. They also made a comment about it being a burden on the health care system. Make of that what you will.

David 3 weeks

Will Justin put his black face on and apologize?

Bart 3 weeks

Canadia-stan is racist? But it's such a progressive country.

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