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New Zealand’s PM admits to having used cannabis

New Zealand’s PM admits to having used cannabis

New Zealand’s PM Jacinda Ardern said she tried cannabis ’a long time ago’ when asked during a live debate on Wednesday. Ardern, 40, is widely seen winning a second term in office following the Oct 17 general election. Her rival is conservative National Party leader Judith Collins. Ardern’s comments come as New Zealanders are also voting the issue of legalizing recreational cannabis.

Matt 3 weeks

She should be doing it every day while in that office! I wouldn't want a leader who takes themselves so seriously that they wouldn't. I bet she also drinks alcohol now and then.

yuckycrumpet 3 weeks

I would expect nothing less from probably the worlds greatest current PM. She’ll still have to take a second seat to the Australian PM who (if my trivia knowledge is serving me well) held the Guinness world record for chugging beer?

Sal 3 weeks

A twitch in the right direction, if not an actual step. The stupidity and prejudice surrounding this drug has wasted billions and unnecessarily criminalised countless lives.

porcus 3 weeks

I misread the title; I thought it said she admitted to being a *cannibal*. She totally looks like one...

Salvador 3 weeks

Oh wow so shocking lmao at this point nobody believes these anti weed laws-the only ones against it are people living in delusion.

RayJoeBal 3 weeks

It was right before she signed the law to ban guns

Miranda 3 weeks

So have most adults lmao

vito 3 weeks

They should legalities, just do better than Canada and allow the peoytgst actuayknow how to grow it have a say in the regulations, keep the politicians out of dictating the rules.

Johann 3 weeks

The nerve of her! I bet she curses, too!

Maesterfully 3 weeks


Kitten 3 weeks

That explains their gun control policies, because they HAVE to be high.

Jerry Mandering
Jerry Mandering 3 weeks

Wait! Won’t this mean she can’t travel to the US now, or does she have to be convicted to be banned?

Brisa 3 weeks

I am very proud of her. She is such a phenomenal leader. I think I would move to New Zealand just to have her as a leader. She is doing such a great job and it shows. I am rooting for her.

dick 3 weeks

Oh! No! Scandalous! Say it ain't so! What scum would ever do the weeds?

Seth Racc
Seth Racc 3 weeks

My most detailed and thoughtful response is “ok”

David 3 weeks

And what's the issue? The majority of adults in the world drink alcohol 🤷‍♂️

Indo 3 weeks

Hey can I make headlines anywhere to !! I have done it too, you know !

Ingram 3 weeks

I watched this live here in NZ. Nobody cared. I'm surprised to see this here. More notable was her answer regarding if she would vote in favour of the legalization referendum. If she had a criminal record it is doubtful she would be prime minister at all.

Ingram 3 weeks

Kamala pretending she smoked weed is more newsworthy.

Jacob Barron
Jacob Barron 3 weeks

She is as conservative as Hillary Clinton is pure.

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