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Harris’s plane forced to return to Andrews after ’technical issue’

Harris’s plane forced to return to Andrews after ’technical issue’

VP Harris’s plane was forced to return to Joint Base Andrews on Sunday because of a ’technical issue’ with the aircraft. As per officials, Harris had to switch planes for her trip to Guatemala City because of a ’technical issue.’ The official added that there were ’no major safety concerns.’ Harris was en route to Guatemala City to kick off the first foreign trip of her tenure.

Glen 1 weeks

Between Harris and Biden the American path to socialism has become the Americans New way of life. This is what the liberals have fought for many years. We're now a welfare state where as the government controls every facet of our lives. Demacrats should be so proud.

Doug 1 weeks

Obscene $735B Pentagon budget but DoD can't properly maintain Air Force Two. #NotNormal

00chewie 1 weeks

Wow, so this b1tch cares not for the plight nor situation of her constituents, and would rather travel abroad to deal with a domestic problem... classy for heels up harris

Papa Joe
Papa Joe 1 weeks


EliteWizard407 1 weeks

Too bad they made it down in time.

Oren 1 weeks

Wow, y'all are just trash human beings, huh.

Ben 1 weeks

Just checking on our supply of fresh babies.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 1 weeks

Only if it had the problems over the middle of the Atlantic Ocean would have been a much happier story

Paschal 1 weeks

Yeah it got to close to the southern border.

Pablo 1 weeks

Rumor has it Kamala ate a Rochester garbage plate before the flight and stunk the bathroom up so bad that they had to land and vent the entire plane.

Green 1 weeks

Let me guess, she forgot what she was doing ? The both of them can't get to far from their handlers.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 1 weeks

Pilot: President Harris we need to return to Andrews as there is a safety issue with the plane. Kackles: Hahahahahaha. Hahahaha.

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