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Biden defends son during debate as Trump repeatedly brings him up

Biden defends son during debate as Trump repeatedly brings him up

President Trump hounded Joe Biden repeatedly about his son Hunter’s alleged payments from Russia. ’Why did he deserve $3.5 million from Moscow?’, Trump asked Biden, referring to a report by Senate Republicans that Hunter Biden got that amount from the wife of the former mayor of Moscow. Biden repeatedly denied the allegations. ’None of that is true… It’s totally discredited’, Biden said.

Neil 3 weeks

Anyone know why Hunter is getting so much $ from various Russian and Ukraine sources? Interesting how’s Joe Biden publicly bragged about having the Ukrainian prosecutor investigating Burisma FIRED- the same Burisma energy company paying a dishonorably discharged, inexperienced in energy, coke head Hunter Biden $83k/month. Everyone here OK with all of that? If so I guess you’re also OK with Hunter closing a huge deal, backed by the Chinese Central bank just a couple of weeks after he and his VP father visited Beijing on AF2-just a conincidence right? This is in our face, pay to play, treasonous BS that should be unacceptable to every American regardless of their political philosophies.

Rocky 3 weeks

Except he didn't defend him, he just blatantly lied. It is verified fact that Hunter received a wire transfer for 3.5 mill from Elena Butrina. It is a fact he was discharged after failing a drug test for cocaine in the Navy. It is a fact that Hunter received multiple 100k+ "gifts" from china during his vice presidency. It is also a fact that neither brought up each others service records because they both dodged for ridiculous minor health reasons.

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 3 weeks

I am also curious why he is getting all that money. Biden can deny all he wants but the facts are the facts. And if the roles were reversed, you know the media would plaster that all over the headlines.

Qanonsense 3 weeks

Hunter Biden is not running for office. If family members are fair game for attacks, the trump family is a lot more target rich than biden's. Trump is barking up the wrong tree here. I dont think voters (other than trump's base) give a single sh1t about hunter Biden. And can we talk about how Biden defended his dead military son and trumps response is "well your other son got kicked out of school because he's a cocaine addict" um.... low blow much? You're going to attack your opponents sons substance abuse struggle as a rebuttal to arguments that his other son was a war hero? Pathetic. If trump ever talks about hunter again it will be too soon. He is not relevant to the election, and the attacks on his personal struggles are despicable and completely unwarranted.

Dagoberto 3 weeks

200,000 Dead Americans, millions unemployed, unarmed black americans being executed by KKK Cops, Americans attacked by American Military, Tax Cheat, trump compromised by russia and on and on. Vote

Aaron 3 weeks

I would like to hear why Hunter was paid so much money.

OrKos world
OrKos world 3 weeks

Hey if wallace is forcing trump to answer about his tax returns trump had every right to pressure Biden about hunter getting rich worth little to no experience doing whatever he did other there.

J 3 weeks

A parent is not responsible for their grown adult child. Biden does not have to answer for him. Trump is just grasping for staws.

IvoryDove 3 weeks

Biden never answered the question. The media articles don't even ask it, they only parrot his responses. "Journalism" in 2020.... PaThetIc.

IvoryDove 3 weeks

Headline "Biden Explains What Hunter did to earn $3M in Ukraine"..... No media outlet

Shane Olson
Shane Olson 3 weeks

Hunter Biden is more crooked than Hillary. Both should be locked up!

Shaun 3 weeks

Where did Trump graduate at Wharton? He is not on the deans list so he wasn't top of his class. Did Trump graduate at all? Did he attend a class so he could say he went to Wharton? Where are Trump’s transcripts? Maybe they are under audit like his tac returns? 😂

Joe 3 weeks

What? Not a single left bias news headline here addresses the allegations of Hunter Biden receiving millions of dollars from foreign powers while his dad was VP?

Andrew 3 weeks

WOW! I obviously missed something. I didn't know Hunter Biden was running to become president. My bad.🤪🇨🇦

6Million$Mansplainer 3 weeks

Reading the headlines is hilarious. Anyone, ANYONE who thinks their pet news outlet isn't biased has been well plied with kool-aid.

Ingram 3 weeks

Bo Biden is off limits, but Hunter and Ukranian corruption is 100% fair game. Biden is on camera at the CFR bragging!

ToddBundy 3 weeks

Trump owes Russia more money than Hunter Biden. Hypocracy

Mutatis 3 weeks

It was rather awkward when he confused Hunter and Bo at one point.

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