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Indian gang-rape victim cremated without family’s consent

Indian gang-rape victim cremated without family’s consent

The family of a woman who died after she was gang-raped and tortured in Uttar Pradesh, India, has accused cops of cremating her body without their permission. The 19-year-old suffered multiple fractures, paralysis and a gash in her tongue, after the rape by four upper-caste men. She died Tuesday after fighting for her life for two weeks. Cops have been called out for the cover-up attempt.

Noobs 4 weeks

India is earning props for standing up to China, but they have serious problems of their own.

porcus 4 weeks

India has a rape problem.

Miranda 4 weeks

This is infuriating. I hope her family gets some form of retribution, though nothing will ever bring her back. I hope those cops and rapists are held accountable. If not by the state, then by the people

Chris 4 weeks

Feel really bad that the family got a double slap in the face. Now not only has their daughter died but they might never find the rapists sadly.

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