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Brazil’s Bolsonaro slams Biden for ’coward threats’ over Amazon

Brazil’s Bolsonaro slams Biden for ’coward threats’ over Amazon

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro reacted angrily to Joe Biden’s call to the world to offer Brazil US$20 billion to end Amazon deforestation or face ’economic consequences.’ On a Facebook post, Bolsonaro wrote that he took Biden’s comment in Tuesday’s debate with President Donald Trump as a ’threat of economic sanctions,’ and added that he does not accept ’bribes’ or ’coward threats.’

Hannibal 4 weeks

Wow! Threatening to sanction a democratic ally but refusing to take a stand against China... Imagine how the press would act if Trump threatened sanctions on Germany because of her coal power plants.

Randall 4 weeks

Obviously, Bolsonaro is a Trump supporter.

Indo 4 weeks

Youvshpiluld know by now, the US is in a pandemic pandemonium spurred on by election fever. They will say as much scrupleless stuff as they can without even a wince. Just wait for it to end soon. Due nt get flustered during this bothersome time.

Alyse 3 weeks

Yes yes a “threat” of giving you $20 billion dollars ... I see.

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