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Ex-FBI boss Comey testifies before Senate, defends probe of Trump and Russia

Ex-FBI boss Comey testifies before Senate, defends probe of Trump and Russia

Former FBI director James Comey testified before the Republican-controlled Senate Judiciary Committee that is reviewing the bureau’s probe into possible coordination between the Trump campaign and Russia. Comey defended the 2016 investigation and lashed out Attorney General William Barr’s assertion that it was unfounded. Comey said he had ’no idea what on earth’ what Barr was talking about.

Neil 4 weeks

Comey knew that HRC campaign used garbage intel from a FBI & CIA known Russian agent in the Steele dossier. DNI just released damning documents that will surely effect Comey’s testimony. Let’s see what the coupconspiritor has to say.

NotvotingTrumpagain 3 weeks

While there is some questions about how Russia Conspiracy probe started, the fact that Manafort, Stone, and Flynn all had connections with the Russians is troubling. However, I believe that Mueller and his team did their job and reported that they could not find a criminal conspiracy with the Trump campaign. Case closed. I am not sure why the lawmakers are still investigating this when there are far more important issues to address in America.

CarlosR 3 weeks

Equal justice for all under the law? Ask yourself why trump was not indicted while Michael Cohen was the only one put on trial and imprisoned for a crime trump instigated participated in and benefited from. Why was trump not indicted for obstruction of justice by Muller? Winning an election does not give a president a jail free card. Indicting a sitting president is not overturning an election as his enablers asserts. It is equal justice for ALL under the law. Trump, an elected official, was not indicted or prosecuted for his crimes and or criminality because of a DOJ Memo that they use to exempt him from and make him above the law, like a king. And here we are. A president responsible for negligent homicide of thousands of innocent americans threatening and plotting to stay in power by hook or crook if he does not win the 2020 elections. This is the result of our faith and mistaken believe that no one is above the law, not even the president. That is what we believed in and what the US Supreme Court affirmed. It is a lie, it is a myth. The DOJ memo is irrefutable proof.

Aaron 3 weeks

Years of investigation over what? What was his motives?

Doug 3 weeks

This is an absolute waste of time and taxpayer dollars.

tenoclock 3 weeks

Why is this man not in prison yet?

ConcealCarryProtect 3 weeks

What we do here is go back back back

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