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Republicans say President Trump missed opportunities and ’whiffed’

Republicans say President Trump missed opportunities and ’whiffed’

Republicans say President Trump missed an opportunity to change the course of the presidential election at this week’s debate. They note that he needs to change the tone of his campaign to appeal to independents and women he needs to win. Instead, they noted, he created a new controversy by telling the Proud Boys to ’stand back and stand by’ when asked to condemn white supremacists.

KOAN. 3 weeks

I looked yo Hunter Biden’s connection to Barrisma. It’s all true. There’s no way the Joe wasn’t aware of the kickbacks, there’s even a video where Joe brags threatening to hold relief funds unless Ukraine leaders dropped an investigation into his sons company. Barrisma was stolen from the Ukrainian people and Hunter was appointed as CEO in order to stop the assets from being returned to them. It’s a clear abuse of power and a premeditated and corrupt action that hurt the people of Ukraine. We need to stop thinking about this from a polical point of view and judge it from the point of what’s right. The Ukrainian people have had enough stolen from them and deserve a change to grow and make the most of their new inderpendance.

Doug 3 weeks

Dismissing everything your opponent says as lies while refusing to answer the moderators question is a failed debate strategy. Biden's handlers should do better.

Div Kay
Div Kay 3 weeks

This debate was undoubtedly the worst I have ever watched. Old men bickering like children is the best I can describe it. Constant interruption. Constant false claims on both sides. Constant repetition and aggression. It’s disgusting. I don’t really have confidence in the state of our country anymore

porcus 3 weeks

My thoughts [expand]: - Biden did a bit better than I expected - Biden came out slinging insults and long debunked lies about Trump, nothing new came out of Biden - Biden was VERY passive throughout, constantly getting interrupted and over-run by Trump AND the moderator. Biden could not stand up for himself and the moderator had to defend him because Biden could not do it - Moderator's question about whether Biden had met with the Portland mayor and leaders to call for a stop to the violence, this was very important and Biden's answer was terrible ("I am not in office, no") and showed his consistent lack of leadership - Biden's messages were generic platitudes and non-specific in details about *anything* - Biden blamed Trump for literally everything, but by his own admission he would have implemented the same policies. He admitted he would have locked down the economy for longer, which would have even worse economic results - Most of the time it felt like Trump was debating *the moderator*, not Biden, who stood there like an old lump - Trump was off his A-game, missing numerous opportunities for on-target rebuttals and corrections - Trump was badly in need of ritalin, to stay on target and focused - Trump refused to condemn white supremacists, not sure why, seemed like an easy thing to do. That said, he HAS condemned them in the past - Trump's response on the SCOTUS nomination question was *fantastic*, and spot on. Biden just blathered nonsensically about - Trump DID get Biden to admit that Biden's "plan" was nothing more than the Green New Deal, with a pricetag of $100 trillion-with-a-T - There were a lot of crap questions asked by the moderator - "climate change", "wearing a mask", etc. Pointless stuff that has nothing of policy related to it - Biden tried to have his cake and eat it too. He wanted everything locked down AND he wanted schools to be opened and the economy roaring. It was nonsense and Trump and the moderator let him get away with it - Biden denied that antifa exists, which is laughable Overall, it was a disappointment but mildly entertaining.

Asura Bomb
Asura Bomb 3 weeks

Loved it when Biden's eyes lit up at the crime bill fact when he called us "Super Predators." I dont care how Trump looked, dont care how rude he came off. I felt as though it was about time the establishment was brought down and someone tore into Biden: HARD. For years this establishment committed atrocities and I'm perfectly fine with Trump going in and bringing everything down, because the system is so broken and corrupt. Is Trump corrupt? Sure, maybe. But if hes willing to bring the house down then so be it.

JMMA-Z 3 weeks

Trump definitely won. The left deserves nothing. They have been a disgrace for years. They need to be treated as Trump is treating them. If they could have been civil after he won then I agree but they lost that right years ago.

Sergio 3 weeks

I think we all lost, but I am sticking with my asshole, Trump 2020, the lesser of two evils

SomeGuyWhoDoesThings 3 weeks

So did anyone else notice Biden’s shakes at the end? A few people I watch are pointing to this being a sign whatever dosage he took to remain functional during the debate was wearing off. Second, it looks like Biden couldn’t hold it together whenever Trump presses a followup question on him. His answers to Wallace seem scripted, but whenever Trump pressed him he fell off his horse, kinda points to the him already being briefed on the debate questions if you ask me.

Mike 3 weeks

The Proud Boys are not white nationalists. Claiming otherwise is lying and fake news. If you don't believe me, ask its black, Asian, American Navite, and white founders.

Joseph Cribari
Joseph Cribari 3 weeks

You cant blame Trump for feeling backed into a corner. If I knew I was out numbered, and the odds were stacked against me because of a more than likely rigged election, I'd be heated and combative as well. I agree that Trump could have handled himself better, especially knowing that hes capable of, but the cornered mouse will always attack the cat.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 3 weeks

I honestly don't understand how anyone can think Trump didn't condemn white supremacy. As soon as Wallace asked him if he would he said "Sure!" while Wallace expanded the question to include asking him if he would ask his supporters to remain calm and stand down until the results are totalled, to which he repeated "Sure". Then he asked Wallace of he wanted to make someone specific. Wallace responded with the Proud Boys (NOT a racist or white supremacist group) and Trump said "Stand Back and Stand By". How does that translate into 'refused to condemn white supremacy'?

William 3 weeks

They both could have done a lot better, but to be honest Biden scared the shjt out of me, he was having a difficult time talking, stammering, and seemingly brain farted often when under pressure and not..... what gives, how can you have a president crumble like that... you can't , some of the hardest world leaders will feast on what can only be seen as a weakness. A very scary thing that he was the top democratic nominee....😭

Mikey Likes It
Mikey Likes It 3 weeks

Here's my suggestion: They go on Joe Rogan. But not at the same time! That would be a disaster. Each one of them back to back and for 3 hours each.

Seekster 3 weeks

I agree with this. Trump dominated Joe Biden but he had plenty of opportunities to for a knock out punch and for some reason he passed on every single one.

Andrew Ainslie
Andrew Ainslie 3 weeks

Hey America! Your standing on the world stage is at an all-time low. Don't forget Trump was laughed at at the UN. We know longer find you funny, now we just don't care.🤪🇨🇦

Yoda 3 weeks

Honestly, I just wish that instead of giving candidates 2 minutes each to give their standpoint on an issue, they should have let them reply in time a after that original 2 minutes. The DNC debates did this very well, whenever a candidate got attacked they gave them time to respond. Otherwise whoever answers the question last has an enormous advantage, when we really need rebuttals.

Pigdog5150 3 weeks

Battled fiercely? Sleepy creepy paedo gropey Joe got steam rolled by the Trump train.

Kyle G
Kyle G 3 weeks

This was like watching a heavyweight champ fight a 12 year old girl while her simp buddy tries to break up the fight.

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