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Progressive groups plan to pressure Senate Democrats to pass voting laws

Progressive groups plan to pressure Senate Democrats to pass voting laws

Progressive groups say they plan to ratchet up pressure on Democrats in the Senate to do whatever it takes to pass the federal voting legislation seen as key to counteracting the voting restrictions in GOP-led states. At stake are the sweeping elections, ethics and campaign finance bills known as the For the People Act. The NAACP and other rights groups plan to press their case with Sen. Manchin.

Bob 1 weeks

I can't figure out why it is a problem to have somebody prove that they are eligible to vote. Absolutely if someone restricts my vote while I'm legally allowed to cast it it should be a felony. I don't understand why we use voting machines that in 2018 the Democrats said were able to be tampered with. I don't understand why we have mail out ballots to people who don't request them. I realize that our one party system no longer considers we the people, but at least pretend to.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 1 weeks

1 id 1 finger print 1 thumb print and 20 to 40 years in prison for a single illegal vote or run the same vote twice trough the machine.

Rocky 1 weeks

This is legally impossible. It would take an amendment to the constitution. The authority to hold elections and make rules for those elections is a granted by constitutional clause. This is complete nonsense to even suggest.😂🤣😂 Man I love the founders.👍🏽

Seekster 1 weeks

I am against universal suffrage so I am against any bill that makes it easier for uneducated people (the majority of currently eligible voters) who don't pay income tax (about 2/3rd of the country...granted that includes children and retirees) to vote.

Ben 1 weeks

If the Republicans fix what the dems did to steal the last 20 years of elections, they know that they would lose in almost every election. No more country ruled by the small minority that they know they are. So, they will lie, cheat, steal and do what ever it takes to get their evil people in. So, hold your ground Senator Machin! You may very well be saving this country from the evil within!

noonespecific 1 weeks

Here's an compromise. We make a national law prohibiting voter IDs and allow purchase of firearms without an ID. Not are protected rights. If one does not need an ID the other should also not need one.

Jeff 1 weeks

Love the picture, angry black woman must remove her mask to scream bigotry about white people, she's called a hero not a Karen. White lives matter

nathan 1 weeks

These are Marxists, not Progressives.

flinx101 1 weeks

Sure hope we don't have another "insurrection".

Doug 1 weeks

More random links being approved as story (:-( #NewsvoiceFail

Green 1 weeks

Can't wait to hear the chants, LET MY CHILDREN VOTE! MY 6TH GRADER HAS A SAY!

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