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Proud Boys see Trump comment as ’call to arms’, says Anti Defamation League CEO

Proud Boys see Trump comment as ’call to arms’, says Anti Defamation League CEO

The Anti-Defamation League CEO warned voters that President Trump’s comments during the first presidential debate were being seen as a ’call to arms’ by members of the Proud Boys and other white supremacist-affiliated groups. Trump had declined to denounce hate groups including the Proud Boys, and had instead shifted the focus on Antifa, and pointed to it as an example of a dangerous organization.

Tom A
Tom A
Remington Colt
Remington Colt 3 weeks

The ADL has no credibility. They label conservatives "white supremacists" whereas violent groups like ANTIFA, and BLM are never mentioned. Only ignorant people follow or trust the ADL at this point.

Matt 3 weeks

The proud boys aren't white supremacists but blm is entirely racist as can be

teens 4 trump
teens 4 trump 3 weeks

ADL also lists ZERO left wing terrorism attacks this year. Please don't remember the dozens of killings during BLM and antifa riots. ADL are partisan hacks, bought and paid for, and should be ignored or viewed as comedy.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 3 weeks

Can someone enlighten me as to which part of their "charter" is white supremecy?

Bennington 3 weeks

The same ADL that thinks that frogs and this """ are white supremacist symbols. For a group named""Anti-defamatio"" they sure love to defame anyone they personally dislike

Robo 3 weeks

Why are the opinions of deranged lunatics of the ADL newsworthy? Especially when they are so contrary to the truth.

Hkl 3 weeks

Are the Proud Boys destroying public property, looting and antagonizing police officers or harrassing innocent people trying to have dinner or simply drive down the street? I want them around the next time a jury refuses to convict a police officer for defending himself and all of the other groups start burning down the city and destroying businesses. Especially if the police are defunded!

JMMA-Z 3 weeks

They are all white. How is it a white supremacist group? I think there are more white supremacists in antifa.

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