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The Right Perspective
The Right Perspective 3 weeks

"Current Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio, who is Afro-Cuban, says the group has 'longstanding regulations prohibiting racist, white supremacist or violent activity,' Ronald D. Coleman wrote in an email to USA TODAY." Despite the group being multi-ethnic, the leftist media still labels it "far-right". This is why I stopped believing the MSM years ago. They are willing to overlook facts to push a narrative.

Garthak 3 weeks

They're just some dude bros that love our country and our civilization. They March in support of her, and they punch back. It's rare of them to start a fight, it happens, but not often. It's common for them to finish a fight though. Leave them to peacefully protest, and they're harmless.

Jeff 3 weeks

The left hears "Proud", they look, oh it's a white person, Proud = white supremacists. It's also a bad thing to be proud and to have pride now, it shows you don't understand how inherently devil-like you are for being melanin deficient and that you don't understand you didn't earn or accomplish anything, it was all gifted to you for being white. 👍🏻 To be clear I d'n't know anything about this group, and'I'm guessing most Dems (the headline readers atleast) who think they are a black hating murder squad are in that same boat too

CarlosR 3 weeks

Equal justice for all under the law? Ask yourself why trump was not indicted while Michael Cohen was the only one put on trial and imprisoned for a crime trump instigated participated in and benefited from. Why was trump not indicted for obstruction of justice by Muller? Winning an election does not give a president a jail free card. Indicting a sitting president is not overturning an election as his enablers asserts. It is equal justice for ALL under the law. Trump, an elected official, was not indicted or prosecuted for his crimes and or criminality because of a DOJ Memo that they use to exempt him from and make him above the law, like a king. And here we are. A president responsible for negligent homicide of thousands of innocent americans threatening and plotting to stay in power by hook or crook if he does not win the 2020 elections. This is the result of our faith and mistaken believe that no one is above the law, not even the president. That is what we believed in and what the US Supreme Court affirmed. It is a lie, it is a myth. The DOJ memo is irrefutable proof.

CarlosR 3 weeks

Proud boy is a group insecure males playing soldier standing in corners needing guns to hold up their pants.

Joseph 3 weeks

To all the idiots in the comments section lying about the proud Boys. You do realize that there are tons of videos on YouTube that clearly show the proud boys instigating the violence.

Chris 3 weeks

"Experts", more like Democrat pundits.

Donald 3 weeks

Where is the article about BLM and Antifa being concerning? How many people died in chop Seattle?

Judi Em
Judi Em 3 weeks

They are just a bunch of dudes that like to hang out. And love America & are productive members of society. While hanging out and drinking the discussion turned to how segmented society has become. Proud to be this. Proud to be that. And since these guys are an extremely diverse group of all races, and the common denominator was that they were male (which is 'evil') they decided to 'name' their group the 'Proud Boys'. It's a joke, and a drunken one at that! Remember the Little Rascals' 'He-man Woman-Hater Club'??? Look it up. It's a friggin joke! Of course the lefties don't understand jokes- and the media is lefties- thus the freak-out. Oh my gawd! Evil men that are proud to be buddies??! Idiot media. Much ado about nothing. Then one day a couple of them told some antifa to back off, and fought back when attacked and, BOOM, they must be evil! Hate to tell you, MSM, but the majority of the country would fight back.

Jon 3 weeks

Didn't Gavin McGinnis, the complete WS wackjob, start proud boys?

Chris 3 weeks

Lacking a lot of facts.

Glen 3 weeks

Proud boys are Americans first and their proud of it.

Noah PaulOG
Noah PaulOG 3 weeks

The state head of Latinos for Trump is the head of a white supremacist group? Trump brought them up in the debate? Ugh

redhandsbluefaces 3 weeks

So we're posting hit pieces on Newsvoice now? Shame... this platform used to be good, but like every good thing, the far left crazies ruined it.

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