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Last of Soviet soldiers who liberated Auschwitz dies

Last of Soviet soldiers who liberated Auschwitz dies

David Dushman, the last surviving soldier who took part in the liberation of the Nazi death camp at Auschwitz, has died at 98 in Germany on Saturday. As a 21-year-old, Dushman used his tank to mow down the camp’s electric fence on 27 January 1945, helping to set its prisoners free. Dushman went on to become the Soviet Union’s top fencer, and later one of the world’s greatest fencing coaches.

Martin 1 weeks

Soviets never ''liberated'' anyone. They set eastern Europe back a century with their socialist regime. As for jews, just like modern day progressivism, they pushed for ideologies that backfired on them. This was true of the Soviet union and it is true of modern day progressivism.

Ini 1 weeks

May his soul rest in the bosom of the Lord.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 1 weeks

Soviet soldier wonder how many innocent of his own ppl he slaughtered. Let's not forget Stalin killed 18 million plus compared to Hitler 6 million in the same amount of time. Can't make socialist/communist look bad though

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