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Leader of Proud Boys calls debate ’great moment’

Leader of Proud Boys calls debate ’great moment’

Enrique Tarrio, the international chairperson of the group ’Proud Boys’ refuted allegations that they are white supremacists, and said it was a ’great moment’ to have been mentioned by President Donald Trump during the presidential debate. During and after the debate Proud Boys have become a major talking point of both Democrats and Republicans.

John W
John W 3 weeks

It's more fake news they are not white supremacists. The same press says Shiva Ayyadurai is a White supremacists. Ayyadurai, an eminent scientist and an outspoken critic, was punched by a man, wearing a t-shirt which said "liberal" and a 'Warren for Senate' sticker. Free speech rally they claim was white supremacists

Brandon 3 weeks

I submitted an edit to the summary as it contained blatantly false information. The FBI has never issued any statement saying the Proud Boys are "an extremist group with ties to white nationalism". A sherrif, which is an elected political position, from Washington state is responsible for that quote.... And the media is responsible for conflating that comment with reports about white nationalist groups from the FBI.

Glen 3 weeks

Proud boys are proud Americans.

Chris 3 weeks

Once again people can't be bothered to do their own research. Mud slinging is officially more valuable to the public than truth.

OrKos world
OrKos world 3 weeks

Proud boys are not all white. There is a Mexican or two in that group. As they did an interview on telemundo.

RedTsunami2020 3 weeks

10-20% of Proud Boys are people of color. Their President is Cuban and Black.

ConcealCarryProtect 3 weeks

"Stand Back, Stand By" -Me to the next disaster of 2020

darkwingsmurf 3 weeks

I love how a multi cultural group with members of all colors are white nationalist

CarlosR 3 weeks

Who is proud boys. A 60's band?

AD C 3 weeks

Enrique Tarrio, the international chairperson for the proud boy, is Cuban, pretty brown, and the leader of Latinos for Trump. I'm surprised this slander was ever believed.

Brian 3 weeks

We should all be afraid of what could happen on election day or while votes are being tabulated

William 3 weeks

Seems like only BLT movement can be "good and fighting for truth and justice and the American dream" if any american not with BLT stand's up for what they believe in.... Well they're just white supremacists....(regardless of their skin color)….... ....on a side note is it true that you get a new 4k flat screen TV for free if you march with the BLT?😀

White mana matters
White mana matters 3 weeks

Fake news: title of summary has been debunked. FBI retracted their qualification of PB as a far right organisation a long time ago.

Indo 3 weeks

Say how do you go on with this white classifications. You actually have color classifications in law books do you !?

Somebody 3 weeks

These guys are not helping Trump. It feels like a cash grab from some of these guys claiming to be affiliated with the proud boys. All the sudden there's a lot of merch ads.

E n
E n 3 weeks

I wonder what excuse they will use now Trump has caved and denounced them?

John 3 weeks

Trump "condemns" the Proud Boys

Max Bants
Max Bants 3 weeks

The left NEEDS the proud boys to be bad to distract from Antifa's disgusting behaviour

Black Mask
Black Mask 2 weeks

Just like George Zimmerman, a Latino that Obama and Biden went after a George claiming was a white Supremacist who gunned down Trayvon a Black PREDATORY ANIMAL.

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