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Trump’s campaign rejects changes to debate rules for ’more orderly discussion’

Trump’s campaign rejects changes to debate rules for ’more orderly discussion’

Donald Trump’s re-election campaign has rejected calls to change the rules of the next two presidential debates with Democratic challenger Joe Biden. The first debate Tuesday night in Cleveland was marred by constant interruptions and outbursts. America’s presidential debates commission announced it would adopt changes to foster ’more orderly discussion’ but Trump’s campaign opposed any changes.

Glen 3 weeks

Chris Wallace won debate, by not letting candidates debate.

Andrew 3 weeks

Do people want two candidates to just yap their positions for 2 minutes or so you want these guys to call each other out and argue? What do you think happens in closed doors when politicians are discussing core topics? They fight with each other! The fake "presidential" personality is just that. A character that we see on tv and during events. That's not the real person. That is not who other political leaders deal with behind closed doors.

Aaron 3 weeks

Why does the LEFT always want to change the rules of everything? According to the LEFT Biden did stellar at the debate with the current rules. I know let's count only 1 out of 3 vote for any one who is on opposition! Rules are rules.

David 3 weeks

Then keep #FatNixon home!

Mr. Bruce
Mr. Bruce 3 weeks

What debate??? Was there a debate we should know about??? All we got is his live twitter feed of nonstop B U L L S H I T...

E n
E n 3 weeks

Constantly interrupting is Trumps only strategy, of course his camp is opposed to trying to stop it!

Jeff 3 weeks

"falsely claims"'s in the future, it can't be false yet

Matt 3 weeks

Do they think it'll necessarily be orderly when negotiating with foreign leaders because it may not be and if Biden can't handle trump why would anyone think he could handle foreign leaders

Maurice 3 weeks

Disappointed it took over an hour for Chris Wallace to point out to Trump he wasn't following the rules. The debate changed nothing for core voters of either side.

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