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Biden refuses to say if he will expand the Supreme Court if he wins

Biden refuses to say if he will expand the Supreme Court if he wins

When asked by the moderator of the presidential debate, Chris Wallace, if he would add additional justices to the Supreme Court, Joe Biden refused to answer, saying instead ’it will shift all the focus’. Biden has long opposed the issue of court-packing. When pushed by Trump on the issue he declared, ’I’m not going to answer the question’ while also not being definitive on the issue of filibuster.

Come on Man!!
Come on Man!! 3 weeks

So obviously he does plan on allowing the far left to radically change the system otherwise he would have answered the question. I can’t believe how biased Chris Wallace is. He never even followed up on a Biden question.

Shane 3 weeks

It's a shame Chris Wallace didn't badger Biden for answers like he did Trump

Seekster 3 weeks

Oh look, yet another reason not to vote for Biden.

Bryan_with_a_why 3 weeks

Of course he can't answer it, it would be devastating to his campaign. The Democrats are certainly thinking about it tho and if they win there's no doubt they'll stack the court. Sore, pathetic losers

OrKos world
OrKos world 3 weeks

Can you imagine Biden in power talking to Russia or the ukraine....... Stop being a bully or I da ah er um what was that da oh yeah will be mad. I'd say voting for him is a BIG NO just for the simple fact that he's giving us the same run around a politician gives when he lies to the public.

porcus 3 weeks

Biden can truthfully say he will not. It will be Kop Kamala who does.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 3 weeks

'Shift the focus'? What do you think you did by not answering the question?

IvoryDove 3 weeks

The list of questions Biden easily avoided as Chris Wallace was busy throwing loaded questions at Trump (White supremists AND militia groups?) was substantial. Wallace was a horrible moderator as he scolded Trump for interrupting and ignored Biden's many interruptions. Future debates should cut the mikes except for the allotted speaking times.

Qanonsense 3 weeks

Do it. A court should represent the people. A 6-3 conservative majority makes no sense in a country that is 60% left leaning. When a Justice dies, its stupid that the sitting president chooses. Like what if they all caught covid and died, trump would get to appoint 9 at once? What a stupid rule. There should always be at least 4 justices of each side, then let the president pick the tiebreaker.

Highlander 3 weeks

Wallace was so blatantly bias. Not once did he press Biden to denounce Antifa. Wallace stated the the Proud Boys are 'white supremacists'. Under what definition. They are a patriotic group who come along, wave American flags and then leave. The only time they have ever been violent is when they were physically attacked by Antifa. Wallace not once pressed Biden on any issue. He allowed Biden to get away with calling Trump a liar on many occasions when Trump asked him questions about Hunter. Everything Trump stated is in the public domain. Biden even denied refusing the billion dollar loan guarantee to the Ukraine when he bragged about it on video. Wallace was pathetic.

Doug 3 weeks

If Biden gets into office, he and Kamala are going to destroy the government to such a degree it will make Nancy Pelosi look sane and rational.

michael 3 weeks

Why give away the game.

David 3 weeks

And yet it will do nothing to sway left leaning independents and democrats. The majority of the country feels cheated by the republican party and is now going to vote out this divider in chief because the vast majority can't take the stress any longer. We all want to avoid having strokes.

Jon 3 weeks

Yeah why would answer that? So the cultists can weaponize any answer he gives? He handled that question perfectly.

Outlaw 3 weeks

He answered perfectly. VOTE

Ewan 3 weeks

How can American voters be expected to make a decision on which candidate to vote for if candidates like Biden won't explain their position in response to a question like "Will you add to the number of Supreme Court justices?"

Dave 3 weeks

"I'm not going to answer the question" you just did buddy, you just did.

Buck Nasty (ADirtyGypo)
Buck Nasty (ADirtyGypo) 3 weeks

So the democrats are crying that there could be an even playing field of judges from the left and right. So now they want to increase the amount. I wonder why? 🤔

Richard 3 weeks

First off, he can't unilaterally expand the supreme court. That would take the house and senate as well. Second, yes, given the opportunity he would absolutely pack the court.

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