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Marvel prepares portrayal of its 1st Muslim superhero

Marvel prepares portrayal of its 1st Muslim superhero

Marvel Studios is getting ready for its upcoming Disney+ show Ms. Marvel, which will include a Pakistani-American teenager Kamala Khan - Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first Muslim superhero. Kamala Khan, who draws inspiration from Captain Marvel, became Marvel’s first Muslim character with her own comic in 2014. Marvel Studios has cast newcomer Iman Vellani as the title character.

Rocky 4 weeks

Isn't that an oxymoron? Muslim and heroes? Seems antithetical to what heroes stand for. Islam means submission and their laws call for the subjugation or elimination of infidels(Any non-muslim) Including special punishments for the heinous crime of being born Jewish. That doesn't really seem like a motto that will gel with heroe work?

الأكبر فادي
الأكبر فادي 4 weeks

Is is name Allah wo akhbar? Does his powers make him burn hotter then 1510 C... expertly stay in the shadows while knowing every cave system he comes across... he can run faster then any loaded suburban while jumping higher then any wall made by the west... he is the greatest Holy Warrior!

Frank 4 weeks

In reality, would a superhero need a deity? Does it even matter to the audience? The only other character that has a deity is nightcrawler from what I know.

Dave 4 weeks

"Draws inspiration from Captain Marvel" correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Ms. Marvel replace Captain Marvel?

Burger 4 weeks

😂 always awesome to see haters post their trash online when stuff like this is published. You keep on hating, while Disney makes bank by providing good content for everyone. Can’t wait for the people bitching and moaning about more “woke” shows being made.

James G.
James G. 4 weeks

Here’s to hoping the TV show will be better than the comic... doubtful, as they seem to be pushing the Muslim angle, but it’s *technically* possible

Goi 4 weeks

Mr.Fantastic already beat her to it by decades. Come up with some fresh superpower twist, than we can talk.

Patty 4 weeks

Disney lost it's mind a long time ago

Pacho 4 weeks

Ms marvel > Captain marvel by so much it isn't even fair

Muzical 4 weeks

She’s not actually Muslim on any recognizable level. This is why even apolitical people hate tokenism.

Tony 4 weeks

In case you didn't hate stupid comic book movies enough before.

Pj 4 weeks

Garbage, i am happy i stopped supporting and watching long ago.

S 4 weeks

None of the previous MCU heroes represent a single religion.

TheDadJokeGuy 4 weeks

If memory serves, she replaces Captain Marvel. Brie Larson is an excellent actress, don't get me wrong, but I feel like she did the character a disservice. Hopefully, Ms. Marvel will be a step up in character treatment

Dee 4 weeks

Good luck to her, I'm really excited to see how this works out. :)

Troy McDude
Troy McDude 4 weeks

Get woke, go broke.... when will entertaiment businesses ever learn...

Chris 4 weeks

Mediocre character whose main draw is identity politics.

Takumi 4 weeks


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