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Max Bants
Max Bants 3 weeks

Get out while you can, and don't look back or be turned into a pillar of salt.

OrKos world
OrKos world 3 weeks

Gavin newsome has gone completely NUTS. Is he going to go through every black person's genealogy to determine who's ancestor were slaves? Or is he just doing a blanket covering saying if you are black you were owned by some white guy. Well since California is mostly hispanic newsome better open up his pocket book to start writing those million dollar checks to every black person who knocks on his door.

David8029 3 weeks

"In other, unrelated news" California says that at the beginning of the next fiscal year that it will be raising taxes for everyone by another 30%. The governor says the wealthy can expect to pay 80% of their total wealth in taxes yearly." One year later. "The state formerly known as California erupts into chaos for the 300th day as bad lines once again stretch miles. UN watchdogs have reported that the sawdust to dough ratio in the bread has changed once again. Now making the bread more wood than bread."

Melinda 3 weeks

Noooo... if only our government would study the people on Native America Reservations and see how well " reparations" worked for their culture. It has been proven time and time again that everyone does best standing on their own two feel, accomplishing goals, building good self esteem, earning their way forward in life. Yes, there are people who need to be on state help for short periods of time, and its good we have this safety net. But free money for no reason other than " your ancestors suffered" opens the door to victim mentality. Also, wait a minute... my ancestors are from Finland, they weren't here yet when slavery was taking place in the US... yet its my fault and my tax money that needs to pay for reparations? What about the Irish Slaves? What about black slave owners? What about how every ethnicity that ever has been has suffered much? Are we all supposed to start asking for reparations for the wrongs which have been done to those who came before us? What about who even qualifies as African American? What about those with darker skin who come from different places and not on an African Slave ship? The idea of reparations is a quick "feel good" idea until you start thinking of the pandora box it opens up and how it doesn't actually work in a positive way! Build opportunity /training centers in low poverty areas instead to help them lift themselves out of poverty! Id support that!!

Matt 3 weeks

No one alive today deserves reparations for slavery if anything maybe if there's a Japanese American left alive that was in one of our internment camps they MIGHT deserve something

Marketus 3 weeks

Step right up and provide the government with your DNA sample.....what, no takers

Jim 3 weeks

If you pass legislation to provide reparations then the price of slavery has been paid. From that point in affirmative action quotas and requirements should be over. If I pay taxes to make you whole then you no longer get an extra point in the calculations for hiring, promotions or staffing. Your qualifications will be what actually sways the decisions

IvoryDove 3 weeks

He just signed a bill that gives minorities a free appeal on any criminal conviction. White people won't get that appeal because they are "white".... Wait, white women might get the appeal even though they're white and women are a majority... But they're traditionally victims of white men, so they'll get the appeal.

Glen 3 weeks

Opening Pandoras box! You give reparations, but what are you going to give them next year? They've already been given free housing, food stamps,free medical,welfare and jobs that their not qualified to do and refuse to do. Reparations are just another pacifier.

Jeff 3 weeks

Ironic, pay for it with taxes, some blacks pay taxes, blacks paying themselves... Also I sure hope they only utilize the taxes from actual slave owners...good luck finding one. [Expand] Only 2% of people owned slaves btw, it was the very wealthy, everyone else did not soooooo. And I know this is taboo but how much do we discount from the calculation for the benefits of being in America vs africa? Like your iphone, your house, not having to deal with nature, your government programs, your healthcare, your no malaria, your livebale aids, your vaccines, your no civil wars, your tech, your weather your freedoms, the economy and much much more. Are the social programs that benefit blacks going to also count as a deduction too? If we add that up, white folk might be due some money. What about a deduction for each of the hundreds of thousands that died to free them or the white bloodlines that were stamped out in the civil war or the families that lost everything. As you can see this is quite the rabbit hole and if America was aloud to be HONEST without being called racist, we'd see how insane this is

J 3 weeks

This explains the spike in google searches "moving to Canada".

Randy 3 weeks

There will soon be no more racist place in the world than California.

Seekster 3 weeks

California is imploding like a dying star.

Bryce 3 weeks

someone’s trying really hard to get re-elected!

Arthur 3 weeks

200 years on not a slave alive ,who would be paid?

Patty 3 weeks


David 3 weeks

F you

Justin 3 weeks

California will be just fine.

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