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Rocky 2 weeks

Ban all ads or ban no ads. That is the only way to prevent manipulation of the election. Any other form of censorship is election manipulation one way or the other.

Owen Vanderbilt
Owen Vanderbilt 2 weeks

I'm glad that a handful of oligarchs can curate what election ads are verboten. which side are authoritarians again?

Seekster 2 weeks

Looking forward to the stories of Facebook allowing more Biden ads than Trump ads.

IIZard 2 weeks

Because.... Why?

Glen 2 weeks

Facebooks biggest sponsor is George Soros. What does that tell you?

Dan 2 weeks

Facebook has become a joke. Hopefully it becomes like Myspace.

Neil 2 weeks

Facebook is trying to shut down QAnon followers and information- the big question is WHY? They claim the Q movement is a conspiracy theory- then why don’t they shut down other conspiracy theory groups? I’ll tell you why because Q is over the target revealing some very ugly truths about the people who control the MSM and Silicon Valley. Maybe worth investigating?

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