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Google says it will pay publishers $1 billion to curate a reliable news feed

Google says it will pay publishers $1 billion to curate a reliable news feed

Google announced a new product – Google News Showcase, in which it will invest $1 billion in partnerships with global news publishers over a period of three years. It is considered as a big deal as the tech giant has been accused of taking advantage of publisher content while slicing off their ad revenue. The new product will seek to ensure that users get quality news – and also pacify publishers.

Seekster 4 weeks

The news should be democratized not centralized. If only a few media companies control the news then it is only little better than state control of news.

AntiBS 4 weeks

What a joke. Google, known for it's left wing bias are picking a bunch of left wing mainstream fake media liers to pick news and then tries to claim they are unbiased. Only the deluded Democrats will believe in that BS.

MrLoseddos 4 weeks

Yay. Facebook and Twitter are already in line for the check!

Dániel 4 weeks

Sooo... the same people will make more money, and the content will not change a bit - even worsen, as the small, non-biased outlets will see nothin' of this, if my guess is any good.

NewsFinder 4 weeks

NewsVoice should join

Randall 4 weeks

You want reliable news? Then FREE JULIAN ASSANGE!

David 4 weeks

I'm sure that this news will be accurate and unbiased 🤣

NJD314 4 weeks

Why does it have to be quality news, and not unbiased news? Quality means news that fits individual standards.

Daniel 4 weeks

Or just use News Voice

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