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Facebook bans ads supporting conspiracy theory group QAnon

Facebook bans ads supporting conspiracy theory group QAnon

Facebook announced that it would ban any ads for QAnon, a well-known right-wing outfit that propagates conspiracy theories. In a blogpost, the company said it would direct anyone searching the hashtag ’#savethechildren’ to credible child safety resources. QAnon is accused to have exploited the hashtag ’to recruit and organize’. Facebook also said QAnon-related content will also be fact-checked.

OrKos world
OrKos world 2 weeks

Why is facebook so afraid of Qanon? If it's just jargon then it's what it is. For facebook to acknowledge Qanon puts Qanon into the relm of existence.

ken taro
ken taro 2 weeks

so after facebook perpetuated anti vax culture and pedo coves, ruined teenage girls' self worth, robbed people of thier ability to reason, allowed foreign interference in elections, exacerbated a civil war in myanmar, etc. - they have finally become beacons of justice and a force for good! a fine example to tech companies everywhere!

Neil 3 weeks

Hmmmm - I wonder why big tech is sooooooo concerned about a ‘conspiracy theory’ ?????

David Shechtman
David Shechtman 2 weeks

Google images "Comet pizza art" W*T*F!!!???

E n
E n 3 weeks

QAnon is just tabletop roleplaying for paranoid right wing fantasists.

Glen 3 weeks

Sounds a little fishto me.

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