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Coal baron who opposed regulations seeks black lung benefits

Coal baron who opposed regulations seeks black lung benefits

Coal baron Robert E. Murray, who has fought federal regulations on the industry, has filed an application with the U.S. Department of Labor for black lung benefits. The former head of Murray Energy said he can no longer serve as president and CEO due to his health. Murray has fought federal mine safety regulations for years. In his claim, Murray says he is ’near death’.

Sergio 2 weeks

Just to be clear, this dude fought regulations to help workers if they get black lung. Now he has it.

Bringgle 2 weeks

This man is a disappointment of a person as far as everything I've ever read about him. He's had opportunities to improve people's lives and often he makes them harder while polluting the entire planet so even when he's dead people can still suffer because of him. He has enough money to cover his own treatment - not that he cares how much it costs but rather that he doesn't have to fork out. It's not often I find someone I can't think of a positive they bring but Murray is that rarity.

Jimmy 2 weeks

Good thing Moscow Mitch is blocking black lung funding. The coal companies need to hold on to their money.

Indo 2 weeks

Now that he's the Ole baron and not so much the Cole one, he see life as it really is.

saad 2 weeks

They are Capitalist when they make money and socialist when they need money.

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