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Texas governor restricts one drop-off ballot site per county for ’voting safety’

Texas governor restricts one drop-off ballot site per county for ’voting safety’

Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued an order to cut the number of mail-in ballot drop-off sites in the state to one per county. He said the move is aimed at ’strengthening voting safety in Texas’ and will curb ’attempts at illegal voting.’ Many observers say it will have big impact on counties with large populations. Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said it was ’a direct attempt at voter suppression.’

Carrie 4 weeks

Is the right not talking about this? The governor just made it more difficult for everyone to cast their votes. Isn't that an infringement on voting rights? Id like to see more points of view, as right now the reasoning is looking pretty flimsy.

E n
E n 4 weeks

Republicans have been pushing voter suppression and minority rule for years, they know they can't win a fair election.

Qanonsense 4 weeks

How is it safer to make more people cluster around fewer drop-boxes? This makes no sense.

michael 4 weeks

Fewer drop offs mean longer lines, means more chance of infection. This has the opposite effect on public safety. It has only the effect of voter suppression. Why are republicans so opposed to voting? It's like with immigration, you SAY you want "legal" migration but you try to make every form of non-white immigration illegal.

Charles 4 weeks

Pure blatant voter suppression. Thanks Abbott.

Neil 4 weeks

I bet Omar’s getting votes there too.

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