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Newsmax turned down Rep. Matt Gaetz for a job

Newsmax turned down Rep. Matt Gaetz for a job

Conservative media outlet Newsmax rejected GOP Rep. Gaetz’s request for a job earlier this year, a spokesperson for the site said. That was around the time that news broke Gaetz was the subject of a federal investigation into possible sex trafficking of a minor. According to a source, ’Earlier this year, (Gaetz) reached out and said he might leave Congress early and was interested in TV work.’

Jon 5 days


chris 5 days


atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 6 days

Without reading any of the 3 articles (2 of which are probably clones of reuters), this is probably fake news.

butch mccloskey
butch mccloskey 3 days

💀 ☠️ 💀

ruben 6 days

Ahh yes, that just made my morning.

Rocky 5 days

More unverified, sourcesless "reporting". He must really have the Dems upset that they can't get anything through Congress just like the CNN executive told us in their leaked tapes. Just once it would be nice to have some journalistic integrity.😂

John 6 days

Bwahaha... Bazinga!

Jortiz 5 days

LoL. Wait - he is looking for a job cause he knows he will leave Congress? Does he knows that he will have to do time for his crimes?

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