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Trump administration separated nearly 4,000 children from their parents: Report

Trump administration separated nearly 4,000 children from their parents: Report

According to ABC, more than 3900 children were separated from their families after the Trump administration enacted its ’zero tolerance’ policy. Around 400 other children were sent back to their home countries. Fewer than 60 families are currently in the process of being reunited. The report was part of an initial review from the Biden administration’s Family Reunification Task Force.

Rocky 5 days

Pretty sure any family that has parents that break the law are "separated". What a ridicul0us notion to try to blame the authorities for the parents breaking the law.🤦🏽‍♂️ Do people really think that after a parent breaks the law they should be able to stay with their kids and family?

Yankee 6 days

How about the number of children seperatated from their parents here in the US from abduction ? Or how about abortions ? Or maybe child " protective " services ? Oh , soooo many questions .

Noah PaulOG
Noah PaulOG 6 days

Is the idea that if they just keep up the hyperbolic, negative reporting of the former President, while ignoring the significant failings of the current, that people will FINALLY start thinking Biden was the better choice?

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 5 days

Deport them all together problem solved GTFO

is it 2021 yet?
is it 2021 yet? 6 days

“The Justice Department's inspector general recently concluded that former Attorney General Jeff Sessions was the "driving force" behind the Trump administration's zero-tolerance policy, as he sought to deter migration to the United States from Central America.” Such a cruel and harsh punishment that does not fit the “crime”. Punishing children and traumatizing families because they want a better life. Imagine if Native Americans had done this 500 years ago, my, what super villains they would have been described as in our texts.

judd 4 days

You can be sure the Biden pedo ring has taken care of those 4000 kids. Trump took kids from those unrelated to the kids to keep them safe, Biden finds favor in giving them to his pedo friends and family.

jjthesavage 4 days

There was a sentiment that if you brought a child, you'd be more likely to be accepted. There are instances of children being taken from their families specifically to be used as a means of entry.

Fred V
Fred V 4 days

Lets gives this story context. They separated children from their families, who are committing crimes! I don't know any Court in America that would allow children to stay with a family that is committing a crime with that child. The Biden Administration has sold those children into the sex trade. Now you have context...

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 3 days

One way tickets back to their countries problem solved GTFO

John W
John W 2 days

You mean from human traffickers posing as parents but failed dna tests. Keep in mind if they were with parents they had the option to return to Mexico or home country. But dumped the kids instead.

Doug Star
Doug Star 6 days

This was reP_I_G p_o_r_n

Julian 5 days

Imagine coming here illegally and getting mad that you’re being separated

Green 5 days

If we keep talking about it then we will always look better. MSM mission statement.

Benjamin 5 days

How many were split up under Obama/Biden, The guys that built the cages? I guess it's inconvenient to look back that far.

KeybladeMasterAndy 5 days

Isn't this also what Biden has been doing?

Doug 5 days

Meanness and cruelty were the point for Stephen Miller, chump.

Mammalette 6 days

NOT, best to do some research .

Shmule 5 days

There is not a word in the article about the legal issues forcing separation if the parents chose to wait in confinement for a hearing rather than return to their point of entry with their children.

george 6 days

Separarated from their parents or people posing as their parents?

pennydreadful 6 days

Another link

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