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Germany marks 30 years of reunification

Germany marks 30 years of reunification

Germany is marking the 30th anniversary of the reunification of East and West Germany. They drawing a generally positive picture of the progress made in knitting together east and west amid celebrations that are low-key because of the coronavirus pandemic. Young Germans from the east who grew up after reunification still look to hold onto their roots.

J 2 months

Russia's article is mind blowing over blaming the US for lack of progress...does anyone remember the old USSR and the iron curtain? What the soviets did to East Germany after the war? The Berlin airlift? Revisionist history at it's finest..

Chris 2 months

I would think Russia has done more than the USA to hamper any sort of unification in the past century. Ex: the Berlin Wall.

Noah PaulOG
Noah PaulOG 2 months

Which side of the Berlin Wall had to keep people from trying to get out? Let's not forget that a major reason for the rise of the Nazi Party was as a reaction to the looming danger of Soviet military encroachment on Europe.

RandomUser 2 months

Remember that the commie Merkel was born and raised in Eastern Germany and she and her communist buddies are trying to transform EU into another USSR hellhole.

Neil 2 months

I’ve got a Sig P220 (favorite pistol) that’s so old is has ‘Made In W Germany’ stamped on it.

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