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Italy’s Salvini faces possible charges for blocking migrants

Italy’s Salvini faces possible charges for blocking migrants

Italy’s former interior minister Matteo Salvini appeared in a Sicily court that will decide whether he will face trial for blocking 131 migrants in 2019. Salvini has turned the hearing into a political rally of sorts against the government of Premier Conte. The Senate voted in Feb. to lift Salvini’s parliamentary immunity, paving the way for a trial on charges of kidnapping and abuse of power.

Doug 2 months

The globalist are fighting hard to get rid of the populist. How much did Soros have to spend to make this happen?

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 2 months

Correction to the RT story; it wasn’t a “coastguard” vessel, it was a ship from a Soros backed NGO that brought the refugees from North Africa, across the Mediterranean to Sicily. All vessels operating in this capacity were told they would not be allowed to dock in Italian ports before hand so if anyone was “kidnapping” it was the NGO’s.

Batman of Clownworld
Batman of Clownworld 2 months

Why go to a trial put on by your enemies? This is how globalist win. Stop playing their game and fight back don't wall in like a lamb to slaughter.

R. 2 months

Don't stop the replacement of your race, goy.

Michael 2 months

Salvini is an extremist right wing populist. He was given political power and used it to prevent migrants from reaching Italy. Effectively, Salvini let these migrants DIE in the mediterranen sea. How much of a good leader is he? What good did he produce in office? Being know for letting migrants die, le alone illegally, is a bad repution. I hope there is Justice for all who died and hope there populists find something better thing to do.

Martin 2 months

All the refugees should be sent to the U.S. They’re responsible for the Wars displacing millions of people, their responsibility. But then again, who in their right mind would ever voluntarily go to that s******* country.

Gabriel Bertsch
Gabriel Bertsch 2 months

How petty of his opponents. Hope this doesnt fly, Salvini saved 1000s of lives by creating a deterrant to crossing the Med illegally

WWG1WGA 2 months

How insane your trying to protect your country from terrorists, rapist, and undesirables and you get in trouble. Italy for Italians, Poland for Polish, Germany for Germans, the muzzie invasion needs to be stopped.

ben 2 months

only in the Socialist EU can a world leader face this silly attack

oscar g
oscar g 2 months

Migrants need to stop bothering peacefull people and stay put

Duane 2 months

“The difference between a rebel and a patriot depends upon who is in power at the moment.” —Sidney Sheldon, The Sands of Time

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