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New Caledonia archipelago votes to remain part of France

New Caledonia archipelago votes to remain part of France

Partial results of a referendum in New Caledonia on whether it wants independence from France show the ’no’ vote is on course to win. More than 180,000 are voting on, ’Do you want New Caledonia to gain full sovereignty and become independent?’. The referendum is part of a process aimed at settling tensions between native Kanaks who want independence and those who want to keep ties with France.

Dave 2 months

Good luck being independent on an island of 7,000 sq mi. What are your exports going to be 3 beans and a tomato? Tourism will have crippled the place this year.

coughdrop1989 2 months

If thats the case the natives want independence then it should be a vote for the natives of that island not any foreign Frenchy voting.

Indo 2 months

Alwaus, Good to know that a country has retention capacities. Unlike ones that create breakaway factions.

William 2 months

Sounds like more big government

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