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El Salvador becomes first country to adopt bitcoin as legal tender

El Salvador becomes first country to adopt bitcoin as legal tender

El Salvador’s congress at midnight on Tuesday approved a proposal from President Bukele for a law to classify bitcoin as legal tender, making the country the first in the world to do so. A majority of lawmakers voted in favor of the initiative to create a law that will formally embrace the cryptocurrency. Approximately 70% of El Salvador does not have access to traditional financial services.

Jack 1 weeks

Great news!!!! Now all El Salvador needs is halfway decent internet access, computers, and a robust enough economy and infrastructure to where almost 40% of the population isn’t living below the poverty line.

Ben 📌 🇦🇺
Ben 📌 🇦🇺 1 weeks

Interesting fact - there were 10,115 cryptocurrencies in May 2021. Good luck picking one!!! You might have more luck down at the casino.

Rocky 1 weeks

South American countries have been more than happy to put their fate in the hands of China over the past several decades. I'm not surprised that another one is decided to do the same just another way.

Indo 1 weeks

And that would make it a first for cryptos. And a first for the common people. Whch is what cryptos wee designed for in the first place.

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 1 weeks

El Salvador is already nicer than many dem cities in the US, and this will surely only improve things. Good for them.

Raymond M Hein Jr
Raymond M Hein Jr 1 weeks

Smart move

Robert 1 weeks

Bitcoin. Or ? All crypto currencies ?

Douglas 1 weeks

You can probably buy stuff there with dog poop as well. Just saying.

JustMy.02 1 weeks

Yaaaa, and this is going to work how?

solodolo 1 weeks

Makes sense, you need someplace to launder all of those profits from drugs and violence

Murphy 1 weeks

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Bryan_with_a_why 1 weeks

This is huge! I hope El Salvador can steer clear of the US waging war on it now tho...

Andy 1 weeks

Wow bread is only $1 today! I'll go get some! (Drive to store) What!? It's $472 now?!

TheDadJokeGuy 1 weeks

Wasn't the whole point of Bitcoin to act as a currency that wasn't attached to any country?

Andrew Montague
Andrew Montague 1 weeks

That's insane. It's not money, they've just legalised barter for a specific stock.

Phoenix 1 weeks

This is so exciting. Bitcoin is the future global currency.

Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer 1 weeks

Get ready for data mining and spam ware from El Salvador. This is not good.

Hydroceles 1 weeks

Wonder what reason they will find to bomb it.

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El Salvador becomes first country to adopt bitcoin as legal tender

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