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Audio recordings in Breonna Taylor case reveal chaotic last minutes before death

Audio recordings in Breonna Taylor case reveal chaotic last minutes before death

Recently released recordings of evidence which was presented to a grand jury in the Breonna Taylor fatal shooting case have revealed how the police botched up the drug raid and the entire chain of events went out of control. Detective Brett Hankison was reportedly shooting at his own officers, and he also violated a police department policy that requires cops to have a line of sight before firing.

Tom A
Tom A
Suzi 2 months

This is a mess. Mob rule is not justice. The problem here is that everyone thinks they know the facts and have already reached a conclusion. No one cares about the law. No one will hear anything other than what they want to hear. If a fact conflicts with the mob’s predetermined narrative, it’s said to be just another sign that our justice system is broken. There’s a reason we don’t determine criminal culpability by asking the mob.

Forrest 2 months

"Jumbled accounts" mean that almost every police officer there that night is willing to lie to cover up murder. Take them all off the force.

Tim 2 months

It's pretty sad when the " Integrity unit" has no integrity. Worse off when the state's AG doesn't seek justice. Not surprised at all, just disappointed

ben 2 months

Always be sure your BF is not dealing drugs and/or firing at police. That is a good first step in staying alive...ah ah ah ah Staying alive!

Matt 2 months

People want to defund the police, which will leave them with fewer resources and the same old job to do. Where they like to buy equipment, over and over, they prove that things go wrong with poor training. Cops aren't all b*stards. Cops aren't the enemy. We do need them, and they need to be at a high minimum quality. If you need a target, go after their standards of training. Over and over, poorly trained officer makes a mistake, everyone assumes malevolence before ignorance, and starts committing crimes while complaining about the wrong source of the problem. So we'll spin our wheels, and nothing will change. People so stoopid.

Sergio 2 months

This all started because she was sheltering a drug dealer

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