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Meat giant JBS pays $11M in ransom to resolve cyber-attack

Meat giant JBS pays $11M in ransom to resolve cyber-attack

JBS, world’s largest meat company, paid a $11M ransom to hackers who shut down its processing facilities. The company paid the cybercriminals in Bitcoin, after last week’s attack temporarily disrupted plants that process half the US’ meat supply. ’It was very painful to pay the criminals, but we did the right thing for our customers,’ CEO Nogueira reportedly said.

SMT SHT 1 weeks

Hey if the FBI will just subpoena a server Every time and return the BTC why not just pay so the FBI can catch the crooks. Crooks... use a privacy coin.

Robert_Clearwater 6 days

Oh yes let's negotiate with terrorists again. Oh, don't worry, all someone has to do is phish for one email password and viola one quarter of a vital sector of our country is taken hostage. How strange. I'm guessing APMEX or Winchester or something similar will be targeted next, "Ammunition factories and silver mines across the country have been shut down" will read the headlines.

mike 6 days

It's the govt doing that, it's no other, just to raise prices get more money

TheMadDane 6 days

This transaction going to a public account again so the fbi can seize it? Lmao

Lance 5 days

It's so obvious that these are government orchestrated attacks to push inflation and the agenda.

John W
John W 6 days

Yet buying a redundant isolated backup system to prevent this in the future, will be too expensive.

Trevor 6 days

HA. Meat giant

Indo 3 days

When all of you were in a position to fix things, you simply ignored it. Now its biting your rears. So put up and shut up.

FirstCensorshipThenJail 6 days

Beijing Biden's communist America. Stalin was a Priest then he read Marx and became a bank robber. He later went on to mass murder 100 million people. Obama's third administration is really going well if you look at it from a Marxist point of view.

Nickel 2 days

The meat giant pools in 1 billion dollars a week in sales so they might make a little bit of profit each week

Shmule 6 days

This stuff is getting bad. It's gonna be really bad for Bitcoin, too.

Jack 6 days

And they want to tax crypto as capital gains under revision of various cryptos being recognized ad assets. Yet the government can’t do squat to help you since they have no administrative capability and are just stretching their dominion over something they have zero ability or comprehension of. It sucks that people are scammed and screwed like this.

jjthesavage 6 days

Oh boy, that's not a good precident.

Indo 6 days

That's the way bub, that's the way.

Omega 6 days

One thing you have to say about JBS, you can't beat their meat!

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Meat giant JBS pays $11M in ransom to resolve cyber-attack

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