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Teen in a coma after being crushed by whale in freak accident

Teen in a coma after being crushed by whale in freak accident

An Australian teen is in a coma after being crushed by a breaching whale during a family fishing trip. The freak encounter occurred Sunday as the 18-year-old, identified as Nick, and his stepfather were fishing from their boat off the coast of Narooma in New South Wales. The impact left Nick with a broken neck and severe head injuries.

Diego 5 days

I think that someone is trying to kill me Infecting my blood and destroying my mind No man of the flesh could ever stop me The fight for this fish is a fight to the death White whale Holy grail White whale Holy grail What remorseless emperor commands me? I no longer govern my soul I am completely immersed in darkness As I turn my body away from the sun White whale Holy grail White whale Holy grail Split your lungs with blood and thunder When you see the white whale Break your backs and crack your oars, men If you wish to prevail This ivory leg is what propels me Harpoons thrust in the sky Aim directly for his crooked brow And look him straight in the eyes White whale Holy grail White whale Holy grail

Þjóð 5 days

I have been saying this from the day I discovered these dreadful creatures, extermination of cetaceans is the sweetest mercy upon this world. They are but the bringer of doom and death, their size too large and humility non-existent, they are naught but butchers of those who have no defence nor recourse, and once their prey has dwindled to extinction we are their next quarry. As such we should take immediate action and strike at once for as this case shows that they have begun, and the bloodbath will commence in the immediate future.

Randy 5 days

We need to start licensing attack whales.

Viviko 5 days

Did I read this correctly… a whale crushed them? I’m confused… It sounds like some lame excuse to get people to give them money… I’m still reading through the sources though. But all I’m seeing is “they were crushed by a whale”… with no further details. From the sources I’ve read at least. I’ll probably find more context as I finish reading the other articles.

E 5 days

Sometimes tragedy is hilarious.

John 5 days

Killer egg laying mammals, murderous snakes, bodybuiding kangaroos, bird-eating spiders, bus sized sharks and body slamming whales. Anybody wanna move to Australia with me? Sounds like a blast!

Faittastic 6 days

Its all camera and patience till the whale doesn't care where its photo is taken

Diego 5 days

That is pretty damn weird.

BlunderingFool 5 days

Bloody hell, talk about bad luck.

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