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’Whiteness’ a ’parasitic-like condition’ with no cure, research article claims

’Whiteness’ a ’parasitic-like condition’ with no cure, research article claims

A published research article in The Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association claims ’whiteness’ is ’a malignant, parasitic-like condition,’ for which ’there is not yet a permanent cure.’ The article, titled ’On Having Whiteness,’ was authored by Dr. Moss, a white man. Moss argues that white people possess an ’entitled dominion’ that enables the ’host’ to wield power ’without limit.’

Tyrannus Patriarchus
Tyrannus Patriarchus 1 weeks

I can only assume that scientific journals are no longer actually 'scientific'. If this garbage passes muster these days then intellectuals have truly fallen to their own superiority complex. A similar incident occurred a few years ago where a team of researchers proposed bogus papers on dog rape culture and slipped in sections if mein kampf to highlight falling standards. They still got published. Look up 'sokal hoax'. Contemporary Western academia is twisted.

Ryan 6 days

Left-wing ideologues: “It's wrong to judge a person based on something so arbitrary as skin colour... Unless they're white.”

Phoenix 1 weeks

Wow, how much more Nazi-like can you get?

Aaron 6 days

The left seems desperate and their strategy of pushing racism to forward their leftist agenda is being redoubled.

Shmule 6 days

Sounds like the author must have Narcissistic Personality Disorder combined with a side of sado-masochism.

Yuri bezmenov
Yuri bezmenov 6 days

Hitler had an idea of a " permanent cure" as well. "History often repeats itself, but often than not when its not repeating its ryhming." I love the ryhming part, to me it explains how history can repeat itself.

EliteWizard407 6 days

Clearly this person belongs in a psychiatric ward, not writing psychiatric journals.

Dave 6 days

This has to be a 4chan troll attempting to make the left look crazy. No one actually thinks this right?

E N..
E N.. 1 weeks

Nothing he describes in such inflammatory terms is a function of being white. They are a result of cultural decadence and societal imbalances of power between groups based on historical context and a broader coalescing of generational wealth in a stratified society. Charged language is a neat gimmick to get attention for your work, but you need to know the difference between good and bad attention, and this ain't good.

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 6 days

And if it's not all white people, then the color label should be ditched. All these people defending this research, saying it has nothing to do with race, but the actions of city dwelling people. Then drop the whiteness label and call it something that doesn't seem to condemn a whole race of people.

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 6 days

I'm sorry, if your research comes to the conclusion that a certain race of people are parasites because of their skin color, you wasted your education on academically becoming a professional racist

John 6 days

If been called lots of creative names in 6 decades, never a parasite. Possibly an idea for my first tatoo?

FirstCensorshipThenJail 6 days

First, they go after law and order, good social conduct, and moral behaviour. Next, they attack the foundational ideas of society, virtue, heroic, good and evil. Next, they redefine the language and start making up terms that are based on fiction but pushed as fact. Then they start pulling down icons, statues and memorials that act as a collective memory of the past both its good points and its bad. Then they start censoring what people are allowed to say as they pass laws that compel people what to say. Then they start identifying bad people that don't tow the line. Then they start red-flagging people because they hold the wrong ideas and pose a threat to society. Next, they start arresting people and holding them indefinitely without access to free court with an unbiased Judge. Next mass arrests. Then the executions begin. Followed by mass pogroms and purges with mass executions. This is where the West is headed and fast. The CCP already has armed sleeper cells with lists of key targets that include their home address.

nathan 6 days

So gay, trans, bi, nonbinary, non gender specific, etc are all “normal” and okay, but being white is a mental disorder? American Psychiatric Association needs help.

Robert Palmer
Robert Palmer 6 days

Will anyone have the balls to write an academic paper about the inherent criminality and senseless violence of “blackness”? It would be so funny to see them defend one racist action while REEEE at the other.

Shamura 6 days

Guess I gotta work on my Nen now that us white peeps can wield power without limit. Osu!

Jon 6 days

A man should not be judged by the color of his his skin but by the content of his character. Every time a color is used to describe an individual or group of individuals there is an inherent racial division created. The words Black Lives Matter are divisional in themselves. Using color as a reference to identity will always create division. Our media is the number one cause of the division in our country. Politically and racially. This article is just further proof of the direction our media is leading us. Why would this article ever reach the public. It’s obviously written by a misinformed self loathing sorry excuse for a person

bobby_5150 6 days

If we match him up with that NYC college professor who dreams about shøøting white people in the head, think of the master race they could breed.

Noobs 6 days

Holy shit, this guy is a racist. This is the kind of claims I would have expected about blacks and jews in 1940! Fuck me!

Ironborn Pyke
Ironborn Pyke 6 days

Social science is becoming more and more "feeling" driven than data driven. Unfortunately like so many other content areas.

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