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Green 6 days

Isn't she a Taliban sympathizer?

Douglas 5 days

I'm trying to remember a quote from Game of Thrones. What is it? Dangit! Oh yeah, Brother F**ker.

Seekster 6 days

Seriously who voted for this cl_own. Also seriously Newsvoice...cl_own gets flagged?

is it 2021 yet?
is it 2021 yet? 5 days

Omar is simply saying that we should hold everyone accountable to the same standards. Her tweet was horribly misconstrued. People are up in arms because America and Israel are mentioned with the Taliban and Hamas because they all have killed civilians even though it is true. In fact, America and Israel have killed far more innocent civiians than either the Taliban and Hamas. Omar points this out and people who cannot hold themselves to the same standards they hold others can’t handle the truth. Accountability should be for all not some. Shame on these Dems and Republicans who choose hypocrisy over justice and truth.

Billy 4 days

This reptilian zealot is so full of her own religious mind-focks she won't show her apparently oh so vestal head. I am embarrassed as an American to even say her name. Allah keeps whispering in her ears to kill White, Black, Magenta, any and all people, but what will she do with 70 virgins? Boggles the mind huh?

good4you 3 days

Some people thinks only Americans killed for all the ‘right’ reasons.. no matter millions of millions of life destroyed and forced to flee their country and not being accepted..

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