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CEOs of social media giants to testify to Senate on hate and misinformation

CEOs of social media giants to testify to Senate on hate and misinformation

The CEOs of social media giants Facebook, Google and Twitter are expected to testify for an Oct. 28 regarding how their companies’ control over hate speech and misinformation on their platforms.

Kathy 2 months

Someone should ask these princelings whether they would mind allowing the American voter to use their “platforms” without ANY moderation, maybe they can put hazard symbols on all those comments they would normally block or censure, so that for TWO MONTHS before elections we can hear ALL sides and ALL comments!

edwin 2 months

While they are at it can they testify on efforts to manipulate electoral process? Twitter and Facebook love to use the protection of being "just a platform" but will editorialize uncomfortable truths.

David 2 months

There is a catch22 with these social media sites. On one side, they are a private corporate entity with their own rules. On the other, they're a public forum for all speech. But once they begin to regulate that speech they begin to show biased towards and against various groups. That bias alone should strip them of certain legal protections. Perhaps they should be broken up into smaller, more manageable companies. They all tried to be everything for everyone. Coupled with access to vast user data to sell for profit, its a recipe for user exploitation. They've become too big to function on neutral grounds. As a society, we shouldn't allow for-profit companies to dictate what is allowed or censored speech. If they want the legal protection from liability then they should just let anything go. But then it becomes a speech quagmire without moderation - like a chan board. No easy solutions.

Buck Nasty (ADirtyGypo)
Buck Nasty (ADirtyGypo) 2 months

No such thing as "hate speech".

Darth Tantrum
Darth Tantrum 2 months

This is the group of guys who decided to control and profit from the communication of an open society. The power of that control has been laid bare in the undeniable BIAS we see with recent events. These guys are terrified of a 2nd Trump term more than anyone, esp Goog and FB.

S 2 months

In the movie version, I expect Jack Dorsey will be played by Peter Dinklage.

Shmee 2 months

Expect 65 year old's who don't understand technology to struggle to ask questions of tech giants who have become experts at evasion. They'll say 'algorithm' as though it's a force of nature they have no control over.

Trevelyn 2 months

Their hate and miss information ?

ToddBundy 2 months

They should have the CEO of this right wing platform testify as well

Jason 2 months

I’d bate de heads off all three of dem

Neil 2 months

And a coincidental campaign contribution will be given to each Commitee members campaign coffer.

David 2 months

While he's there, please ask @jack why I was permanently banned from Twitter for tweeting, "Ho hum, another day, another blonde bimbo joins the Trump administration" citing it as "threatening hate speech".

Indo 2 months

Bouz, Boys, Boys. Got your gloats and bloats in order yet. Uncle Sam don't think so

- 2 months

Day of the rope?;?!

OmegaDMM 2 months

At least Zuck is willing to wear a tie.

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