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Biden should end Europe trip to deal with border, Arizona AG says

Biden should end Europe trip to deal with border, Arizona AG says

Arizona AG Mark Brnovich is asking President Biden to return from his trip to Europe and address the massive migrant surge on the southern border. ’Your administration revealed Border Patrol Agents along our Southwest border encountered more than 180,000 migrants in May alone,’ Brnovich said. He added that the crisis threatens the US’ ’safety, security, environment, and economy.’

Rocky 6 days

He is an "America last" president. Why would he care about Americans and their issues. That doesn't help globalism at all. Biden hates Americans especially the ones with melanin.🤷🏾‍♂️

Mod Okay
Mod Okay 6 days

Conservatives are still unsuccessfully trying to make the southern border a "crisis" while trying to eliminate democracy. No one cares about immigrants "illegal" or otherwise when the democratic freedoms of the United States are being threatened.

MarXmade 6 days

The border isn’t going anywhere and the Biden administration can handle more the one Trump created problem at a time.

Indo 6 days

Cmon bub. Even you gotta be more obvious than that. Its not new. Its an old shoe acting up again. Or did you think it will go away, poof !!

Glen 6 days

2 million illegals so far this year, isn't a problem.

Ben 6 days

It’s all part of the plan. If you don’t know by now that Biden works for somebody else, then I can’t help you wake up from your vaccine induced dream.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 5 days

Will jetlag interfere with his naptime or push his daily 'lid' past 3pm?

David 6 days

Where was this guy when Trump was golfing, 92% of his presidency?

MIDESSA 5 days

Yeah we kinda forgot what it was like to have a president that can delegate intellectually instead of always thinking he is "the only one" that can do anything. It's ok folks this border issue isnt new just been newly weaponized for political muscle to spawn a campaign of intolerance. Hey it worked for a 1 term twice impeached soon to be indicted inna real court little man and his groupies.

Darin 6 days

Europe is more important than Arizona.

Csaba 6 days

Wont be surprised if this trip is cut short.

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