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12 nations poll: US image abroad has rebounded since Biden took office

12 nations poll: US image abroad has rebounded since Biden took office

The US’ image abroad has improved dramatically since Joe Biden replaced Donald Trump as president, according to a Pew Research Center survey of 12 nations. The survey found a median of 75% of people had confidence in Biden ’to do the right thing regarding world affairs,’ versus 17% who felt that way about Trump in 2020. A median of 62% had a favorable view of the US in 2021, up from 34% last year.

Neutral 1 weeks

So the guy that ran on "America first & Make America Great Again " wasn't perceived to " do the right thing regarding world affairs" 🤦‍♂️. We needed research to confirm this? And the rest of the world thinks our""democracy"" and political system does''t work well....ok they are''t entirely wrong except that America is''t a democracy.

Janitor Jez
Janitor Jez 1 weeks

72% saw Republican Trump as dangerous and 90% as arrogant when surveyed in 2017. Can't argue with that.

Morbo 1 weeks

Of course it has, its business as usual. Illegal wars, undermining other countries, corruption, basically the democrats just looked up all the stuff they do and accused Trump of it. The cows are back to sleep, the thugs will be redirected to the next target and the whitehouse is back to under the table dealings.

Tommy 1 weeks

For those of you that say what people in other countries think don’t matter…well, this country’s people spoke on November 4th. And we Americans wanted Trump OUT! And there’s 8 million more of us than there are of you!

John 1 weeks

And? When you have a president who will capitulate to foreign countries at every turn of course they'd have a more favorable view of him. Notice his domestic polling has been dropping even with all of the polls being pushed polls.

الأكبر فادي
الأكبر فادي 1 weeks

Honesty with Biden brain damage and memory loss i wouldn't be surprised if the world has 100% approval rating from everyone to Iran... because now these nations can do whatever with zero consequences.. I guess Biden isn't up to snuff like he was against that dastardly B corn pop

Small town conspiracy 1776
Small town conspiracy 1776 1 weeks

I’m 45 and I’ve never been polled about anything other than silly YouTube content 🤷🏼‍♂️

Jaye Muller
Jaye Muller 1 weeks

All the result of unrelenting propaganda. Trump bad, Biden good. I'd say Trump somewhat independent, Biden TOTAL puppet.

Neil 1 weeks

What I've learned here is that it took trump supporters about 4 years to have a tenuous grasp on the term globalism, and have attached that word to their beliefs very strongly with almost no thought (nicely done), and that no one believes in gray areas anymore.. Or bothers to read anything Trump has good and bad qualities. So does biden. Is that an insane thing to say?

Nathan  Hough
Nathan Hough 1 weeks

Yea I don't really give a crap what uniformed and left leaning erou trash thinks

Nick 1 weeks

Yeah right, ok I believe this crap. With a dementia patient in office we look rediculous. But he is the popular president in history and that too I believe. J/K

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 1 weeks

They know dementia boy they can walk all over and he puts America last unlike TRUMP AMERICA FIRST.

Kendrick 1 weeks

More like “most loved my the media” with all the shit joe has already done, yet everyone has bliders on.

Hollowhammer 1 weeks

Yes those countries love Senile Joe because we are a push over now. Plus Joe loves globalism and could care less about US citizens. Probably didn't help Trump told them they had to start paying their own way instead of us putting all the NATO billing and defense in Europe on the charge card.

george 1 weeks

Biden managed to bring back gas lines, race riots, the cold war, and hyper-inflation in just 4 months. Of course the competition loves him. We're tearing ourselves apart.

Tobias Quinn
Tobias Quinn 1 weeks

So basically now that NATO/UN don’t have to be put in their place financially (like it was under trump), they feel more confident in the U.S. to help create further tyranny throughout the world. This sickens me… as long as the U.S. continues to do bad economically, it’s better for the NWO.

dan 1 weeks

For this report, we use data from nationally representative surveys of 16,254 adults from March 12 to May 26, 2021. All surveys were conducted over the phone with adults in Canada, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, the UK, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan. so basically 1000 people from each country and the survey started less then 2 months into his term? bang up job pew

Greg 1 weeks

Trump put his country first. All those leaders of other countries did also. Biden is putting our country last to please everyone except American citizens.

Matt 1 weeks

In other news, local high school shows high approval rating of decision to replace all opponents with players from opposing team's elementary grades. 😅

O'Brien 1 weeks

I guess that happens when you replace a President that puts America first with one beholden to the interests of other countries.

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