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UNH professor allegedly posed as immigrant woman on Twitter, sent on leave

UNH professor allegedly posed as immigrant woman on Twitter, sent on leave

A white male assistant professor from the University of New Hampshire has been accused of posing as an immigrant woman of color on Twitter. Craig Chapman, the professor, reportedly made racist and sexist comments via an account called ’The Science Femme’ with the handle @piney_the, and attacked users who supported causes like racial justice. The university said Chapman had been sent on leave.

Elliot 2 months

Perhaps he identifys as a migrant female. I thought we could decide on what we wanted to be.🤔

Mutatis 2 months

Meh, he was clearly posing as this other person under the premise that it would protect him from racist/sexist progressive academics that he was trolling/critiquing/harassing/etc. All that being said, I find it sadly predictable that this exposure, and subsequent penalty, occured due to his going after a few other progressive academics that actually got a professor fired, and who then committed suicide, a while back over accusations of 'racism and misogyny'. Quite simply, this guy's career is likely at risk for correctly pointing out, while wearing a costume one might say, that a few nuts, who have yet to face any repercussions themselves, actually have blood on their hands.

CheekyGreenConure 2 months

If he is the most priveleged gender and race then why is he trying to identify otherwise? Are you implying PoC are more priveleged

Stacy 2 months

Anyone know what the hell is wrong with liberals?

Rocky 2 months

I fail to understand why anyone would masquerade as anything else when they could just have their white privilege. Why would anyone want to be anything else? It's almost like there are massive social advantages to identifying as a "marginalized group". Maybe we need to reevaluate how much privilege white males really have if they constantly want to willingly throw it away for a female person of color's privilege.🤷🏾‍♂️

Pomai Kajiyama
Pomai Kajiyama 2 months

ITT: Incels pretending the professor is a liberal cause all academics are liberal right?

Julian 2 months

Wtf 😂

Lev !🇺🇸 MINISTRY OF TRUTH 2 months

It's obvious that he was sent on leave as a measure to protect him; and not as a punishment. My compliments to The Seekers who broke the facade.

ben 2 months

Super badass move, Kudos!

KOAN. 2 months

Sir. You dropped this 👑

Beef Testosterone
Beef Testosterone 2 months

Bet this guy made tons of money on oldschool runescape.

Joshua 2 months

Part of this I am missing, and it is possibly groundbreaking, being able to identify as another ethnic group. Total supposition but my guess is this person is either trying to point out some injustice in the world or they are racist and genderphobic.

Jason 2 months

Here is your male feminist and what they like to get up to ladies. Be ware the man who says he understands women.

hugh 2 months

This is news?

Tyler 2 months

OMG. Who the hell cares? How is this even news?

Ayayron 2 months

CRT and it's Intersectionality is so stupid😂😂😂 love this

William 2 months

What the? A transgender suspended?... can't Post anything close to the truth

Damien 2 months

Transnational, transgender, transracial. Looks like everything is okay here 👌

Somebody 2 months

This is hilarious. I wonder if this is embarrassing for his whole family. This guy has a lot to think about.

dodpfos 2 months

The subtle art of Manufacturing news What the gell is wrong with the media?

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