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Man who slapped Macron gets four-month jail sentence

Man who slapped Macron gets four-month jail sentence

The man who slapped French President Macron revealed he attacked the leader because of the ’decay of our country.’ Damien Tarel, 28, has been sent to jail for four months at a hearing Wednesday. Tarel told the court in Valence that he was a right-wing sympathizer and had considered pelting Macron with an egg or a cream tart. He told investigators that his attack was not premeditated.

Jack 6 days

I think more people should slap this guy then. Create a French Spartacus movement. Get him worried about throwing common dissidents in jail, especially since he received what everyone knows is the most “French gesture” ever.

Morbo 6 days

18 months 14 suspended for doing a lot less than most frenchmen would like to do to that turd wearing a human flesh coat. The guy deserves a medal. Leftwing mobs in the us are getting bailed out of prison by the pesidents own admin staff. To say theres a double standatd in how leftwing and rightwing violence is treated is like saying water is wet.

Nathan  Hough
Nathan Hough 6 days

If he goes to prison France should be fined a billion dollars every time they claim to be a free country

Mel 5 days

damn that was quick if it was anyone else that got slapped it would take months through the courts too get sentenced

bobby_5150 6 days

Now that was a speedy trial.

coughdrop1989 6 days

You considered hitting him with an egg, yet this wasn't premeditated.... Do you just walk around with an egg in your pocket? Such a liar and not even a good one.

Nosotros La Gente
Nosotros La Gente 6 days

I think the dude should go full thug life and do it again when he gets out.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 5 days

The slapper was a dude. I can't remember the last time I saw a grown man slap another man. Now he gets to spend the next 4 months playing slap-and-tickle with other men.

david dindu
david dindu 5 days

Should've dressed in all black with a bunch of friends

noonespecific 5 days

Seems like a light sentence. That slap could have killed him.

الأكبر فادي
الأكبر فادي 6 days

I guess its better than being executed

Shmule 6 days

Extreme and reactionary. Just slap him back with a big fish.

Daniel 6 days

The yellow vest protests proved its not a right or left thing to hate that guy

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