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Trump PAC automatically enrolling supporters into donation for Trump’s birthday

Trump PAC automatically enrolling supporters into donation for Trump’s birthday

Save America PAC has begun adding an extra $250 donation to be sent on Trump’s birthday. The extra donation offer can be declined but is initially added automatically. The PAC has been texting people constantly, and holds $85 million, which hasn’t been spent on any candidates. It has been pushed by Trump as an alternative to donating to Republicans, and questions remain about how it will be spent.

R_Forde 1 weeks

It just has a check box filled out by default. That is the whole story.

E N..
E N.. 1 weeks

If you donate money before knowing why or what for because a billionaire told you to, you deserve being strung along like this.l

steve 1 weeks

Go ahead MAGA. Send the money. Think of it as the collection plate at your new church.

Randall 1 weeks

Anyone donating money to a multi billionaire deserves to be scammed twice or more.

woodchuck 00
woodchuck 00 1 weeks

This is a non-story, I don't understand how GOP super PAC can copy what Democrat super packed have been doing for years and somehow it's unfair when the GOP does it.

Slevin Kelevra
Slevin Kelevra 1 weeks

Democrats do the same thing with mail-in balots.

MIDESSA 1 weeks

Ok seriously is anyone at all surprised? This is tRump we are talking about. I know but but but BLM or the evil Clinton's or Obama or someone somewhere has done something similar so that makes this alright. Well to some of us anyways.

Brutus 1 weeks

It’s just like any other political donation. They initially ask for the largest option, ask if you wanna give extra at a later date or make it a recurring donation. Literally every PAC/campaign does this

Joseph 5 days

Trump is keeping all the money for himself

Johnson 1 weeks

I once gave to Bernie some years back, thru ACT Blue. Now every Dem candidate in the nation asks me for a donation and support. its about a 5 minute commitment each day to "unsubscribe" to these repetitious blue sites. I would much rather get an entreat to a Trump Bday party...Sounds fun!!

Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 1 weeks

Because of course it does. Lol

David 1 weeks

This must be a mistake, the man is just to honest to take advantage is his fans.

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