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Court reinstates South Carolina ballot witness requirement

Court reinstates South Carolina ballot witness requirement

The Supreme Court reinstated a requirement that South Carolina residents voting by mail in the upcoming election get a witness to sign their ballots. State Republican Party Chairman Drew McKissick cheered the decision, while saying, ’Despite the Democrats’ efforts to hijack a pandemic and use it to meddle with our election laws, they’ve lost’. The state has had this requirement since 1953.

edwin 2 months

Maybe that will make ballot harvesting harder for Joe Biden's campaign.

Morbo 2 months

The Democrats have been pushing mail in ballots, changing laws to promote immigration from socialist countries and lying to blacks and latinos to garner votes for decades. A total lack of interest in fare voting and Democracy is no surprise from the same party that couldnt accept the result of the last election and for four years tried lie after lie to undo it.

Jon 2 months

Thousands of voters who have already cast their ballots are now being potentially disenfranchised 🤦 You talk about corruption or fraud in mail in voting? THE F ing REPUBLICANS ARE DOING IT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE.

R3DK@ 2 months

Decades of intimidating voters, using groups like the KKK to threaten entire communities and using robocall scams to spread lies... Now with a failed president, you're worried about cheating??? Seems more like you're worried the cheating won't work anymore.

Andrew 2 months

I don't understand the barriers. Is there so much fear in the GOP of potentially losing that an obsolete law is reenacted? The irony if the GOP still loses even with this antiquated requirement.

Doug 2 months

If you let these so called barriers stop you from voting then perhaps your vote is not as important to you as others claim in your stead. Perhaps, the minimum competency standard for voting is to be able to navigate the extremely simple process of voting. Having a voter show an ID or have someone witness a vote is not a hurdle its a means to vote. It is not difficult, but it does require the basic sense of responsibility needed to cast a thoughtful vote. In the past the privilege of voting was held to landowners, because the Lords (England) and gentry (Colonial America) thought that it was educated and well bred men that had the capacity to vote in a well thought out manner. Overtime this rightfully changed, allowing the vote for all Americans; however, the pendulum has swung too far with anything short of texting a vote "a la American Idol" style being considered a "hurdle". Paraphrasing Teddy Roosevelt, nothing good comes easy. Barring physical limitations, if you truly value your vote, you will find a way.

ben 2 months

yep, makes DNC ballot harvesting (cheating) a bit harder. In AZ we have clean election laws, want better elections? get rid of the DNC swamp in the other 48.

Doug 2 months

Now, if the court would just throw out the new mail in voting rules in Pennsylvania.

6Million$Mansplainer 2 months

Quality over quantity is always a good thing

yuckycrumpet 2 months

Absolutely a fair call. I’m not even going to read into it as I totally agree. I’ll make sure all the ballots I’m sending in will be co-signed. ;)

Jon 2 months

Good. No reason not to.

Dr. Ötker
Dr. Ötker 2 months

Finally some good news!

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